CP Cash and Carry has gameday essentials

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For 10 years, local butchers Garry Slack and Tony Cincotta bring over 70 years combined cooking and catering experience to customers who come to the CP Cash and Carry meat department in search of the best cuts of meat and the right recipes to make family meals delicious.

When game day comes, no one wants to be the person stuck in the kitchen making last minute party preparations during kick off, so fast and easy recipes are essential to ensuring the festivities are a success.

Slack and Cincotta said when they’re going to or throwing a party, their goal it always to make quick and simple dishes to share. One of their favorites happens to be a staple of any great party: chicken wings.

You can’t go wrong with an old classic, Slack said, adding CP Cash and Carry is best place in town to find the perfect poultry to prepare for your game day gathering.

“We’re one of the only places where you can get fresh wings,” he said. “Most of your other places use a frozen wing. These are fresh (and) they’re nice jumbo wings.”

Fresh ingredients are always going to win out when compared to their frozen counterparts. However, as all chicken wing lovers know, the one thing guaranteed to step your chicken wing game up to the next level is the sauce.

Cincotta noted that at CP Cash and Carry, aisle three is where customers will find not just hot sauce, but all types of fun flavors they can use to take their wings from ordinary to the talk of the party.

“Tony and I got a couple of favorites,” Slack added. “We kind of like the Sweet Baby Ray’s Kickin’ Bourboun. The garlic parm is great.”

Customers can find equally fresh and delicious party dishes just in case someone else already has the chicken wings covered. From fresh cut cheesesteak and mozzarella sticks, to fries, salads, cold cuts and another one of the store’s signature products, its homemade sausage.

“We make it good-quality, old style,” Cincotta said. “Fennel, crushed red pepper, salt, pepper, a couple of other spices and that’s it.”

For customers looking for something different to serve guests or bring to a party, Cincotta had a simple recipe for meatballs he said guests are sure to love.

He said all you need to do is make the meatballs small enough to fit on the end of a toothpick and throw them in a slow cooker with ketchup, horseradish and maybe a little garlic to make your own cocktail sauce and you are good to go.

“Just let it slow cook – it does the job for you,” he said. “You wouldn’t believe how good it tastes. You want something quick and easy that you can just grab and go.”

Whether you’re looking for a new spin on a classic dish or looking for fresh ingredients need to go the more traditional route, CP Cash and Carry is sure to have what you need to make your football party a hit on game day.

“Why go through all the trouble making your own stuff when you can come here,” Cincotta said. “We’ve got beer, we’ve got kegs, we’ve got chicken wings, we’ve got hamburger for chili. Nacho chips, cheese. What don’t we have?”

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