January 22, 2013


City FD begins smoke detector survey

Staff Reporter

The Cortland Fire Department has begun a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector survey and installation in single-family homes throughout the city.
In November, the fire department received a $66,436 federal grant through the Fire Prevention and Safety Program, which is part of the Assistance for Firefighters Grant, according to Capt. Mike TenKate, who wrote and secured the grant.
TenKate said the grant went out for bid and Skyline Electric gave them “a real good price that will allow us to do more than we initially expected,” TenKate said.
With the grant money, the department purchased 1,000 smoke detectors, 350 carbon monoxide detectors, 600 lithium batteries with a 10-year lifespan and 50 bed shakers, which are placed between the box spring and mattress and shake the bed to alert disabled people that an alarm is going off.
TenKate said that because Skyline Electric’s prices were so low, the fire department has money leftover to purchase more if needed. He did not have a figure for how much money is left, as he was in a training session for most of Monday.
The department started its run through the city Jan. 12, and will continue through June 8, covering each ward.
Not every street will be covered, but the fire department is urging residents whose streets are not being survey to call 607-756-5612 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays to schedule an inspection.
Although this program is targeted at single-family dwellings, the fire department has said “requests from other occupancies will be honored, supplies and manpower permitting.”
“We are encouraging every single-family home whose street isn’t on the list to please call us,” TenKate said. “We will make the necessary arrangements to get it all taken care of.”
TenKate said that on Jan. 12, firefighters went through the 5th Ward including Sunnyfield Drive, Kent Road and Fox Hollow Road.
During that survey, which is the first of 11 total, 150 smoke detectors, 26 carbon monoxide detectors and 10 bed shakers were put in place by the firefighters.
“We’re going to do this for as long as we need until all the needs are met for the city,” TenKate said. “Keeping up to code is important for safety and I feel this will help a lot.”
He added that this is completely free.
“We aren’t selling a thing,” he said. “We don’t accept money of any kind. No donations, no tips.”
Upcoming inspections
- Jan. 26: 6th Ward — Kennedy, Hickory, Colony, Morningside, Cherry, Sheridan;
- Feb. 9: 1st Ward — Edgemont, Ridgeview, Hillcrest, Rosewood;
- Feb. 23: 7th Ward — Redwood, Oaklin, Peaceful, Bement, Regina;
- March 9: 4th Ward — Vernon, Joseph, Abdallah, Levydale, Raymond, Kinney;
- April 13: 2nd Ward — Brown, Arthur, Madison, Grace;
- April 27: 8th Ward — Sunset, Woodcrest, Brook, Dawn;
- May 11, May 25 and June 8 are all to be determined based upon requests from places not covered in the above listings.


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