Maple syrup boom bypasses Cortland

June 24, 2016

Maple producers expected a sour year for 2016. Instead, they set a record for syrup production. Except in Cortland County. “We were just about average,” said Randy Ensign of Marathon, whose family produced a bit […]

TC3 building needs $3.5 million roof

June 17, 2016

DRYDEN — If the buckets to catch rainwater weren’t a good clue that Tompkins Cortland Community College needs a new roof, the video showing portions of the roof puffing up like a balloon in the […]

Military training equals Cortland health care

June 14, 2016

NORWICH — The military calls it a training exercise, but the scores of medical personnel who will come to Cortland County next month are professionals. The training exercise is the planning and coordination that gets […]

Senior Games return to Cortland

June 11, 2016

Pat O’Rourke took it a little easy Friday — her hectic time starts Monday. Husband Gerry was running around town getting ready for the Empire State Senior Games. They’re not athletes. They’re volunteers, two of […]

Buying local builds benefits for farmers

June 8, 2016

Math lesson: If each household in Cortland County were to buy $20 of local food each week, that would inject more than $19.4 million into the local economy. That $19.4 million would increase agriculture revenue […]

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