October 23, 2021

New cafe’s opening sweetens business mix on S. Main St. in Homer

Stacey Pryor, owner of Sinfully Sweet Cafe, 17 S. Main St., Homer, makes custom chocolates Wednesday.

Joe McIntyre/staff photographer

Stacey Pryor, owner of Sinfully Sweet Cafe, 17 S. Main St., Homer, makes custom chocolates Wednesday.

HOMER — Your nose is hit with an aroma of savory chocolate, as your eyes are drawn to the chocolate-covered peanut butter balls emitting the smell in a glass case surrounded by other baked goods.

And on Wednesday afternoon the wave of locals making their way to the new Sinfully Sweet Cafe, at 17 S. Main St. in Homer, could not get enoughof them.

“It’s been crazy,” Stacey Pryor, owner of the business, said after serving a line of people, many with multiple orders.

The cafe has been open for a little over a week now and service has steadily increased each day, Pryor said. As of 1 p.m. Wednesday about 50 people had passed through the business.

She said part of that is her cinnamon buns — made using her grandmother’s recipe — have become a hit, along with other goods like her chocolate-covered peanut butter balls and s’mores bars. And in about a month or so she plans to have many more chocolate hits for customers, as Pryor is a certified chocolatier.

But she had been a professional chocolatier for just about a week when she opened the business. For the past 30 years, she did office work, most recently working as an office manager for the Baker-Miller Lumber Co. in Groton.
“One day, I just decided I wanted to do something new and wanted to do something different,” Pryor said.

She took an online course to become a certified chocolatier, but the endeavor was intended to just be the start of a new hobby. Then while going for Chinese food one night, she noticed the space on Main Street was up for rent. And, click. The idea of turning her new hobby into a business grew in her head the more she thought about it.

After meeting with the building’s owner, a deal was struck and she officially began renting the space in May. From there Pryor spent the next few months working with her family and boyfriend to install a kitchen in the back of the building and shape the rest of the facility.

It was a lot of work, especially working daily with the local health department to make sure everything is the way they wanted it, said Pryor’s boyfriend, Bob Johnson. But the process was smooth and fun, Pryor said, thanks to his help. Pryor’s children and mother also helped.

Their assistance did not end after the construction was done, either. Her mother tends to work in the kitchen, making baked goods, like the cinnamon buns. Johnson was lending a hand up front and in the kitchen on Wednesday. And her kids still come in and help when they can, Pryor said.

“It has been really nice to bring the family together,” she said.

At the moment, customers can chose from an array of baked goods, paninis and wraps — along with various beverages like coffee and teas. But once she has the proper equipment, which she expects to have soon, she will put her specialty to work and create an assortment of chocolate candies and baked goods, along with waffle paninis and crepes.

Her goal for the Sinfully Sweet Cafe is to offer a welcoming place where everyone can come to spend time.