October 22, 2021

Groton seeks volunteers for playground

The pool at Memorial Park on Sykes Street is seen Monday in Groton on Monday. A $140,000 state grant will fund improvements.

Bob Ellis/staff photographer

The pool at Memorial Park on Sykes Street is seen Monday in Groton on Monday. A $140,000 state grant will fund improvements.

GROTON — A $140,000 state grant will help the village build a new playground at Memorial Park.
State Sen. James Seward (R-Milford) met with village officials Friday to announce the grant, according to a news release from his office.

The funding will go toward improvements to the pool as well as a playground revitalization, said village Trustee Elizabeth Conger, the village park commissioner.

The village will be working with Parkitects Inc., a playground design company in Lansing, to install eight new swings, four for young children and four for older children, and two age-appropriate play areas, Conger said.

The play areas will be split between ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 12, Conger said. Each area will contain slides, swings, and climbing equipment scaled for the age groups, she said.

There will also be a stand alone area installed, which will feature life size games of tic-tac-toe and connect four, Conger said.

The community will help build the playground and the village is looking for 75 to 100 volunteers, Conger said. The town also plans to have help from volunteers from athletic teams, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, community organizations, the American Legion, Masonic Lodge, Rotary Club and the Groton Business Association, Conger said.

The community will be building the playground with assistance and supervision from Parkitect, Conger said.

The playground building date is tentatively set for Oct. 14-15 and there will be a community meeting Sept. 27 for volunteers.

The other half of the grant money will go toward improvements on the pool, pump house, bathrooms and the guard shack, Conger said. Upgrades in the pumphouse, new fiberglass edging around the pool and general upgrades to the bathroom and lifeguard shack will be done, Conger said.

The grant comes after the village filed for the funds with Seward’s office. After Seward came out to the village to take a look around, both he and the village were in agreement that the park needed help, Conger said.

The village has planned out the projects and does not intend to exceed the $140,000 cost, Conger said.

“We (the Village Board) would like to see the community come together,” Conger said. “We want people to see we’re a community that cares.”