November 27, 2021

IAC Boys Soccer: Eight local players named first-team stars

There were a total of eight local boys honored when the Interscholastic Athletic Conference North Division soccer coaches gathered for their year-end meeting. Three Marathon and three Groton players earned first team status in the North Small School division.

Two more players from Dryden High were first team selections in the North Large School Division.
Heading the North Small first team all-stars is the division’s Player of the Year, Groton senior midfielder Paul Brecht. He was joined on the first team by senior midfielder Jacob Klumpp and sophomore defender Reese Lockwood from Groton.

Marathon was represented by senior defender Tanner Ensign, senior defender Jack Tillotson and freshman midfielder Andrew Tillotson.

Rounding out the first team all stars in the North Small were Southern Cayuga junior forward Abdias Puac-Perez, junior defender Antonio Valdez and junior goalkeeper Lorenzo Raymundo, plus the Moravia duo of senior forward Garrett Bonnet and senior defender Nate Clouston.

Marathon placed four more players and Groton added two to the IAC North Small School Second Team all-star list.

Senior forward Adam Brandstadt, freshman forward Cameron Neilson Marathon, junior midfielder Jacob Howard and freshman forward Diego Castellot represented the Olympians. Sophomore forward-midfielder Logan Klumpp and senior goalkeeper Lucas Goodwin were the Indians’ selections.

Rounding out the North Small Second Team were sophomore forward Mike Ward, senior midfielder Ben Ward and junior defender Bryan Driscoll from Southern Cayuga along with senior midfielder Hunter Loomis and junior defender Garrett Stoyell from Moravia.

Dryden High senior forward Jacob Lewis and senior goalkeeper Sean McDaniel headed the IAC North Large School Division First Team all-star roster.

Joining the Purple Lion duo on the first team are senior division MVP and center back Devin McCartney, senior forward Ian Coates, senior forward Luke Field, junior midfielder Nick Parkes and senior defender Karsten Zuidemo from Lansing, Union Springs/Port Byron seniors Logan Enge (forward), Jacob Jirinec (midfielder) and Austin Quick (defender); along with senior midfielder Andrew Stewart and senior goalkeeper Jack English.

The IAC North Large School Second Team all-star list had the Dryden trio of sophomore forward Felix Abel-Ferretti, senior midfielder Bryan Iannello and freshman defender Braden Russell.

Rounding out the North Large Second Team are sophomore forward Langston Hopkins, junior midfielder Josh Zajac, junior midfielder Nic Whittaker, senior midfielder Ethan Buchanan and junior defender James Blair of Lansing; senior forward Ian Park, sophomore midfielder Scott Compson and junior defender Jacob Stuart from Union Springs/Port Byron; the Trumansburg trio of freshman forward Conor Baird, sophomore midfielder Logan Bonn and senior defender Cam Rider, along with Whitney Point senior midfielder Nolan Abrahamson.

Marathon coach Chip Stewart, Groton coach Glen Sanders and Dryden coach Laszlo Engel offer their thoughts on their first team all stars:

Sanders on Brecht: “Paul Brecht is an exceptional athlete. He plays three sports and soccer isn’t his first choice, but he can really play this game. He is a most versatile player who I could in goal, on defense, at midfield and at forward. That is rare in this sport. Paul has great leadership and character. He was named a captain by me at the start of the season and he lived up to that role. On the field, he is confident and he has a great work ethic. That became infectious to his teammates as they saw he play as hard as he could for the team, not personal glory.”

Sanders on Klumpp: “Jacob is the most technically gifted player in the entire league. Unlike Paul who is a three-sport athlete, Jacob loves soccer. He’s been playing since he was four years old. He plays year round and simply lives and breathes soccer. His foot skills and speed have made him a standout player. He was a leading scorer this season.”

Sanders on Lockwood: “Reese is a promising young player. While I did name Paul a captain, Reese’s teammates overwhelmingly voted him as a captain as well. He took many of our free kicks and even scored twice from 25 yards or farther out. He is a big time player who can play multiple positions. Jacob has a fire and determination. he plays hard and certainly cast a bigger shadow than most sophomores would.”

Stewart on Tillotson: “Andrew really stepped up this season as he become a steady reliable player in our defensive midfield position. Usually asked to defend the opposing team’s best central midfielder he did with a toughness and headiness he did not have last season. What he lacks in stature against usually bigger opponents he made up in anticipation and smarts. We look for Andrew to take even bigger steps next year as he will have to become more of a leader as we again will be young.”

Tillotson scored two goals and added two assists for six points this season.

Stewart on Ensign: “Tanner was a three-year guy who really came on this season not only as a player but as a leader. He really was the emotional heart of this team and played with an intensity that the younger players needed to be associated with. Tanner’s skill set also improved and as a marking back became a player we used to initiate offense either in the form of support or as an overlapping back getting up into the offense to cross balls in from the flank, like that great shot he hit in the IAC championship game. Tanner’s ability to be strong in the air made him a target player on many of our restarts from the offensive end of the field. He will be tough to replace.”

Ensign netted three goals this season for six points.

Stewart on Tillotson: “Jack is a four-year player. If Tanner was the heart than Jack was the soul of this team. Jack played mostly in the back defending but he would play anywhere we wanted, if was good for the team. He epitomizes what a team player is and was a great role model for our younger players to emulate.

Jack usually had the task of defending our opponent’s best offensive player and did a great job. He anticipates his opponent’s moves and most of the times won the ball and then started our attack. Jack’s presents on this team will be missed next season and our younger players really have big shoes to fill.”

Tillotson did score one goal this season.

Engel on Lewis: “Jacob was hands down our best player on the ball and our offensive MVP. He is very smart with the ball and moving to space off the ball. He is very soccer intelligent. Jacob is a first team all-star two years running and he was named second team his sophomore year.”

Lewis scored 15 goals and had seven assists. Five of those goals scored were game-winning goals and he had three of his assist as game winning assists.

Engel on McDaniel: “Sean is our senior goalkeeper with great technical ability. He had 80 saves this year with 11 wins and 5 losses. He positions very well and is very good at closing down breakaways. He plays equally well with his feet. He scored a goal on a penalty kick during the season while playing in goal. He was our defensive MVP and first team IAC All-star this year and was second team last year. He kept us in so many games this year and will be missed next year.”