December 5, 2021

Groton’s Reeves named IAC Small School MVP

Coming off a very successful season and their first Interscholastic Athletic Conference championship since 1998, Groton Central girls garnered a large number of North Small School Division first team all-stars, including the division MVP.

Marathon was also well represented on the North Small School Division first team while Dryden placed players on the North Large School Division first team.

The IAC North Small School Division Player of the Year was Groton senior midfielder Sidney Reeves. She was joined on the first team by sophomore forward Maggie Ossit, freshman midfielder Brooke Brecht, junior midfielder Alyssa Thompson, freshman defender Lauren Reeves and sophomore Taylor Thompson for Groton.

Marathon had six players named North Small School first team as junior forward Chelsea Quail, sophomore forward Daisy Allen, junior midfielder Avery Barber, senior defender Emily Krebs, junior defender Emily Lehman and junior goalkeeper Sydney Jennison were honored.

Rounding out the first team selections were Moravia senior forward Tatianna Trojner, Southern Cayuga sophomore midfielder Catie Kopp and Southern Cayuga senior goalkeeper Jessie Farkas.

Groton has three players and Marathon added two players to the IAC North Small School second team All Star squad. The Indians were represented by senior forward Katelyn Norman, junior forward Brittney Stanley and senior goalkeeper Paige Graham.

The Olympians had freshman forward Brenna Keller and junior defender Rose Marie Gleason picked by the coaches.

Rounding out the second team were junior forward Allison Genson and sophomore forward Grace Wasileski from Moravia along with Southern Cayuga senior defender Sara Walter.

DRYDEN HIGH HAD a pair of juniors on the IAC North Large School Division first team all-star roster in midfielder Brittney Deeley and goalkeeper Sarah Westcott.

Division champion Lansing had the most first team stars with senior midfielder Madeline Boerman the division MVP along with honors to her teammates. Those LadyCats were junior forward Kassie Riemer, senior forward Megan Dean, senior defender Emma Dhimitri and junior defender Miya Kuramoto.

Completing the North Large first team all-stars were junior forward Taylor Miller, junior midfielder Hannah Morturgo and sophomore defender Jenna Seafuse from Trumansburg, plus junior forward Linsey Howell and senior midfielder Mikaella McCrone from Whitney Point, plus Union Springs/Port Byron junior defender Zada Seitz.

Earning Large School second team all-star status were the Dryden quintet of eighth grader Alex Brotherton, freshman midfielder Ashleigh Scheidweiler, sophomore midfielder Lexi Tracy, junior defender Keri Daley and senior defender Alisa Hines.

Rounding our the North Large School Division second team are junior midfielder Jill Austin, freshman defender Catalina Zaloj and junior goalkeeper Lena Gisler; sophomore forward Finley Edmonds and senior forward Marie Griswald of Trumansburg; Whitney Point freshman forward Katie Arseneau and junior defender Alyssa Elle from Whitney Point, along with the Union Springs/Port Byron senior duo of midfielder Michaela Tanner and senior defender Shelby Koch.

Groton coach Dick Brecht, Marathon coach Trish Hayes and Dryden coach Kaitlyn Cook off their comments on their first team selection.

Brecht on Reeves: “The 2016 Division MVP with 34 goals and nine assists is Sidney Reeves who has also been nominated for the all-state team.

Sidney made everyone around her better by her presence alone. Her skill level and knowledge of the game makes her a match-up for any team.

She was constantly marked by opposing teams and still led the league with 34 goals in 15 games. The knowledge she passed down to her teammates will serve our program for years to come.”

Brecht on Ossit: “Maggie had 15 goals and 13 assists. Maggie used her tenacity, excellent speed and sound skills to dominate her level of the field. She is also a great teammate who has the utmost respect of her fellow players.”

Brecht on Brecht: “Brooke had nine goals and 13 assists. She played attacking midfield for us and was a key cog to what we do. Using her skills and knowledge of the game, she was able to feed players consistently every game for scoring or assisting opportunities.”

Brecht on Thompson: Alyssa played defensive midfield for us where she was excellent at defending the opposing team´s best scorer while at the same time controlling the ball to play it to fellow teammates.”

Brecht on Thompson: “Taylor was an outside back and she used her speed, endurance and tenacity to defend for us this year. She had numerous tackles to take the ball and earn our team possession. Taylor was a huge part of what we did this season.”

Brecht on Reeves: “Lauren Reeves was our center back and scored seven goals from there. Lauren was able to ¨clean up¨ most mistakes that were made in our defensive third. Lauren also has the ability to take the ball from one end of the field to the other to provide scoring opportunities for herself or her teammates. She also was excellent at clearing the ball to change advantage of field position.”

Hayes on Barber: “Avery is a junior captain in her third year on the varsity team. She tallied 14 goals and six assists on the year. Avery is the teams’ leading scorer with six of her goals coming in post season play. This achievement has been accomplished even with constant man-to-man or double team coverage. Avery’s height, physicality and foot skills allowed her to break away from her defenders and creates space for many scoring opportunities. With six assists on the year, Avery was also an intricate part of our transition from defense to offense.”

Hayes on Allen: “Daisy is a sophomore in her second year on the varsity team. She found the back of the net 13 times this year with nine assists. Daisy led our team in total points and was tightly marked due to her playmaking abilities. The ability to send a long cross from the corner into the box gave our team numerous scoring opportunities this year. Daisy worked hard on developing her left foot so she was able to provide us with this opportunity from any point on the field.”

Hayes on Krebs: “Emily completed her varsity career with four straight years of first team honors. As our sweeper captain, she scored three goals and had five assists. Emily was pulled up on corner kicks do to her timing and ability to pick a ball out of the air. Due to her speed and technical ability, Emily was also given the green light to make runs when the opportunity arose. This allowed her to create chaos within the other teams’ defense and give us an extra offensive threat. Emily was also able to utilize her knowledge of the game during set play situations.”

Hayes on Quail: “Chelsea is in her third year as a junior captain on the varsity team and she ended up with nine goals and five assists. Chelsea’s biggest asset to our team is her endless energy and grit. She scored many of her goals this year just by finishing off a hussle play. Even though she is little, she plays big. She is unwilling to get beat to a 50/50 ball or get muscled off. Her determination and grit has earned her first team league recognition for three straight seasons.”

Hayes on Lehman: “Emily is a junior captain in her third year on the varsity team. Emily’s consistency in both practice and games shows what leadership looks like. She exemplifies being a team player and doing what is best for her team at the time. During post season play, Emily shut down the opposing league’s leading scorer who had previously scored in every game and had tallied 41 goals on the year. That is an accomplishment worthy of recognition. When Emily was not marking the opposing team’s top scorer she was a playmaker at the midfield position tallying five assists on the year.”

Hayes on Jennison: “Sydney is a junior captain in her third year on the varsity team.Sydney is our coach on the field. She directs her defense when picking up their marks as well as informing them when to implement an off-sides trap. Sydney’s biggest asset to our team is her knowledge of the game and her aggressiveness between the pipes. She makes quick game time decisions to leave her line and take on any challenge coming at her. Sydney faced 150 shots this season for a save percentage of 70. Sydney made a diving save on a PK during post season and tallied four shutouts on the year.”

Cook on Deeley: “Brittney was a key player for me as a new coach. She was my go to girl when I needed to have stability in the back or composure in the midfield. Consistency is key with her and she easily fell into a leadership role on the team early on. Though not a high stat player, anyone who watches Brittney play can see she’s a game changer with her composure on the ball and her ability to create possession.”

Cook on Westcott: “Not many know it but I had to beg Sarah to come back this year, and having her made all the difference. Both in goal and on the field her technical ability is astonishing. Sarah is a reliable player who often went unnoticed because of it. She over anyone deserved this honor based on not only her play but her behind the seen leadership role on the team.”