December 4, 2021

Annual Celebrate Cortland draws crowds downtown

Joe McIntyre/staff photographer

Krystal Malloy, of Cortland and her daughter Payton Dorney, 7, make a decorative Girl Scout pencil topper Saturday during the Celebrate Cortland event at Courthouse Park.

Skyler Travis wants to be a truck driver. Others want to be a scientist, a doctor, a firefighter, pilot, artist, zoologist and toymaker.

Zee-anna and Za-carib Sweat, were enchanted by the dog Cortland Police Officer Nate Moran showed. They want to train dogs.

The third annual Celebrate Cortland event Saturday, the first under that name after two years as Cortland Comeback, invited people to Courthouse Park in Cortland to enjoy music from three bands and kids to take part in a fire department obstacle course, hoola-hooping, and say what they want to be when they grow up in the Parade of Dreams.

Za-carib Sweat, 10, watched Moran’s demonstration with the department’s German shepherd, Rush. He watched with 9-year-old Zee-anna as Rush subdued Officer Jessee Abbott, who was wearing a protective sleeve.

“I want a partner like Rush to make money for my family and so I can save the world,” Za-carib said. And he’d kind of like to drive a police car with them, too.

Zee-anna went a stroke further. Her face was painted to look like a German shepherd, her favorite breed. She’d like to catch the bad guys, too.

Organizations like the Girl Scouts and Fidelis Care were on hand. A representative from the Cortland County Health Department was teaching people how to administer naloxone, which can reverse an opioid overdose.

At the Parade of Dreams, Emma, 10, and Skyla Gates, 9, of Virgil said they wanted to be an art teacher and police officer, respectively. It was Skyla’s favorite part of the day; Emma liked the free ice cream.

“I want to catch the bad guys,” Skyla said.

Eight-year-old Skyler Travis, of Cortland, took his turn on the Parade of Dreams and mentioned how he saw all the trucks at the nearby Brockway Truck show.

“I want to be a truck driver,” he said. “I want to travel across the world.”