October 22, 2021

Homer man returns to Jeopardy! for Tournament of Champions

Photo courtesy Sony Pictures Television

Homer resident Justin Vossler will appear on the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions Friday.

Months after his successful run on Jeopardy! in July, Justin Vossler is returning for the game show’s tournament of champions.

Vossler, a Moravia High School global studies teacher and Homer resident who walked away with $110,000 after winning five episodes of Jeopardy! that aired in July, was called to return to the tournament of champions in August. His episode was taped in September and will air Friday. Strict non-disclosure agreements preclude him from saying much about it.

He can’t give away the categories, say how he does, or if any questions stumped him.

But he could confirm he won’t be up against the legendary Austin Rogers, a recent contestant who earned more than $400,000 after a 12-game winning streak.

While Vossler is the one giving answers in question form on the game show, he is finally able to answer questions he’s had thrown at him for months.

“I have had people asking me about tournament of champions since July,” said Vossler. “I haven’t been able to say anything, even when I knew I was invited … back in August, I still couldn’t tell anybody.”

Vossler said he had good training not disclosing anything, since his initial appearance didn’t air until July, after taping in April, and he couldn’t talk about it then, either.

The contestants worked in an atmosphere of mutual respect, knowing that they have all won multiple games to be at this level of the competition, Vossler said. But it was still an added level of competition.

“These people are all there for a reason, nobody just fell into it,” Vossler said. “Being able to compete with the stiffest of the stiffest competition is a very enjoyable experience.”

Vossler is walking away from the experience with one lasting impression:

“It’s nice that in our society, which doesn’t always put much emphasis on learning and education, there is still something like this that is still considered such a big deal,” he said.