October 26, 2021

CP Cash and Carry has Easter essentials

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For 10 years, local butchers Garry Slack and Tony Cincotta bring over 70 years combined cooking and catering experience to customers who come to the CP Cash and Carry meat department in search of the best cuts of meat and the right recipes to make family meals delicious.

Whether you’re planning a traditional meal or are thinking about trying your hand at something new, Garry and Tony have simple tips anyone can apply in the kitchen to bring out the flavor in your Easter dinner.

Slack and Cincotta said when Easter comes around, people have all kinds of meats on the menu. At CP Cash and Carry, the Black Angus rib roast, center cut pork loin roast, as well as lamb, are all customer favorites.

Slack while the temperature will have to change depending on what type of meat is being prepared, customers can’t go wrong with the slow-cooking technique.

“Tony and I are from the same simple school,” he said. “We’re both from the same thought process of slower, longer. You tend to get a more consitant, always good roast.”

First preheat your oven to 325 degrees then, pop in your meat and wait for the internal temperature to reach 125 degrees for lamb or beef and 155 degrees or more for pork.

As far as seasoning your beef goes, Cincotta said cracked black pepper and kosher sea salt is all you need to enhance the flavor of your Easter entrÈe. If you will be preparing lamb, throw some fresh rosemary on there, too, he said.

He also had a tip for people looking to make a juicy flavorful, pork loin.

“Loins work good with applesauce and cinnamon,” he said. “Coating it and cooking it makes it nice and moist.

Speaking of pork, ham lovers will probably be familiar with the idea of coating it with brown sugar. However, given that one of Cortland County’s highly anticipated Maple Fest will take place the weekend after Easter, he encouraged those people to try something different.

“In honor of the Maple Fest, try something different with your ham,” Cincotta said. “Use maple syrup instead of brown sugar. It’s whole different flavor.”