January 20, 2022

Cuomo to consider beer in ice cream

In the annals of fair food — deep-fried butter, pickle pops, python kebabs and Krispy Kreme hamburgers — this merits a mention: Beer-flavored ice cream.

It’s a thing, and the bill allowing it is headed to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk, courtesy of state Sen. James Seward (R-Milford).

Seward sponsored the bill to allow ice cream made with beer and hard cider after Gilligan’s Island of Sherburne suggested the idea to add to the 30 flavors it already creates. Assembly Member Bill Magee (D-Nelson) sponsored it in the Assembly.

“Farmers and brewers already enjoy a great symbiotic relationship and this legislation will clear the way for a new product that will capitalize on homegrown New York ingredients,” Seward said in a news release. “The owners of Gilligan’s should be proud, their advocacy and ingenuity is leading to a new product that will be popular at fairs, ice cream shops, and farm breweries throughout the state.”

The sale of wine ice cream is already legal in New York. As with wine, the bill limits the alcohol content to 5 percent for either beer or cider, limits sales to people over 21 and requires the same labels and warnings as wine ice cream.

The Senate approved the bill June 14; the Assembly approved it, 128-9, on June 18.