October 22, 2021

Rats! City closes park following rodent overrun

Joe McIntyre/staff photographer

Mayor Brian Tobin closes Dexter Park while talking with city officials about rats seen around playground equipment. File Photo.

The city of Cortland closed Dexter Park this morning after residents complained of an infestation of rats.

Mayor Brian Tobin made the declaration about 10 a.m. at the park, bounded by River, Elm and Franklin streets, as journalists were investigating the complaints.

The city cordoned off the playground Thursday night following complaints, Mayor Brian Tobin said this morning.

“We are going to keep staff at the park to politely tell people the park is closed so people don’t use the park,” Tobin said. “We have not identified an immediate health threat, but to take care of the problem, we need to keep people away.”

The city called Sweeney’s Pest Elimination of Homer this morning, which would advise the city later today on the next steps to take.

The tennis courts and park pavilion remain open.

Cortland Youth Bureau officials and codes enforcers were with Tobin this morning.

Senior Reporter Catherine Wilde and Staff Photographer Joe McIntyre contributed to this report.