October 23, 2021

Rail project on track

Work on new Cortland crossing expected to wrap Friday

Joe McIntyre/staff photographer

Railroad crews make improvements to the railroad crossing on Clinton Avenue in Cortland on Wednesday.

As railroad work continues to close Clinton Avenue, causing waits and snarled traffic and sending it on carloaded detours in Cortland, the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway Corp. plans to start two new projects just north of Cortland County.

The railway company will begin work next month replacing concrete surfaces on two rail crossings, one in Tully and the other in Apulia Station, both in Onondaga County.

On Sept. 4, the railroad will close the crossing on Route 11 in Tully just south of Meeting House Road and north of Marybelle Road, according to an email from Melanie Boyer, a spokeswoman for the railroad.

The closure is expected to last through Sept. 7.

Alternate routes include Route 281 and Interstate 81, Boyer wrote.

The crossing on Route 80 in Apulia Station will close Sept. 24 and is expected to last through Sept. 28.

Detours include west to east — Route 80 from Lafayette to Apulia Road and then Route 20 to Route 114 back to Route 80. Reverse route to travel east to west.

On Monday the railroad started work to install a new railroad crossing between Greenbush and Washington streets on Clinton Avenue in Cortland.

“We are installing a new prefabbed concrete crossing,” Boyer has said.

Detours include traveling west toward east — proceed south on Church Street and turn east on Port Watson Street and then turn north on Pomeroy Street. Reverse route to travel from east to west.

The work is set to be done on Friday.

The road closure and detours are running fairly smoothly, Cortland Police Lt. David Guerrera said Wednesday, however, there have been some issues with tractor-trailers.

“Tractor-trailers have missed the detour and tangled up on side streets,” Guerrera said.

The city police have responded to six calls involving tractor-trailers — five involving a traffic stop for the trucks and one needing a tow truck.

Side streets where tractor-trailers have caused traffic issues include Church and Elm streets and Central Avenue, Guerrera said.

City police thought the detour and road closure would make traffic back up on Clinton Avenue during rush hours in the morning and afternoon. “Not at all,” Guerrera said.