October 23, 2021

Beaudry playground work near completion

Rocket slide donations take off, reach $16,500

Jacob DeRochie/contributing photographer

Workers spent Monday piecing together new playground equipment at Beaudry Park on Scammell Street. The work is part of a city initiative to upgrade city playgrounds.

Work on the new Beaudry Park playground in Cortland is expected to last no later than next week, according to one city official.

“We hope to be done by the weekend or Monday next week,” said John McNerney, director of the city Youth Bureau.

The completion of the playground depends on when the safety material, a wood chip material, is added to the ground around the equipment.

Work on the park began Aug. 15, McNerney said. All playground structures, except the rocket slide, have been removed. On Monday, four pieces of equipment had been completed and a fifth was being worked on.

Once complete, the new Beaudry Park playground will be 115 feet by 50 feet and will include multiple slides, a climbing wall, swings, a climbing tower and platforms and a JAX Web, which looks like a giant spider’s web.

The work is part of a $500,000 grant-funded project to renovate city parks. In June, the city opened a new Suggett Park playground and in July it opened the new splash pad at Suggett Park. The city is working with Recreation Miracle, a company that specializes in playground equipment, to design and build the new playgrounds.

To keep the rocket slide, which was built in the 1960s, the city needed to invest between $11,000 and $12,000 into improvements. Around $16,500 has been raised through donations, McNerney said. The extra money will put into other park improvements like adding extra benches.

Improvements include:
• Some welding work to close gaps in the structure.
• Adding padding to the inner platforms.
• A protective border and wood chips.
• Adding signage to the slide cautioning that the structure may be hot after sitting in the sun and that it is for ages 5 to 12.
• Repainting the structure red, white and blue.