October 22, 2021

Cortlandville’s new highway garage in Polkville almost complete

Jacob DeRochie/contributing photographer

Cortlandville Highway Superintendent Glenn Bassett goes through some material used in the building of the new town highway garage. The building will have seven bay doors for storage of department trucks.

Final touches are being made to a new garage at the Cortlandville Town Highway department before it’s ready to use by November.

“We’re going to pour concrete to outside aprons on Wednesday,” said Highway Superintendent Glenn Bassett.

Once the concrete is poured the town must wait 20 days for it to cure.

“It’s coming along pretty nicely,” Bassett said Monday.

Work on the new 140- by 60-foot building in Polkville began June 1. However, planning for the structure began at the beginning of the year, Bassett said.

“We’ve been working on it since the first of January, putting the numbers together to see if we could afford it or not,” he said.

In April, the town board accepted a bid from Complete Construction Concepts of Homer worth $334,380. The town received two other bids: $419,985 from Morton Buildings of Morton, Illinois, and $577,025 from BlueScope Construction of Kansas City, Missouri.

Town employees are doing the electrical and plumbing work.

The new building, which has seven bay doors, will house all 10-wheeled trucks the department uses. The dozers, backhoes and excavators will continue to be housed in the old building, built in 1945 on the same site.

Town Supervisor Richard Tupper said the building is a nice addition to the highway department. “It’s been 50 or 60 years since we’ve done an upgrade,” he said.

Deputy Town Supervisor Ted Testa said the work on the building is a little ahead of schedule. The town board thought the work would take another month or so. “We are very pleased with it,” he added.

Having the new building will be nice in not needing to move a lot of equipment around to use one piece, Bassett said. “We can just get at them,” he said.

The Cortlandville Town Board bonded for $750,000 in February to build the highway garage. The board is expanding its operations on the site to make up for the loss of storage space in the former Route 281 Cortlandville fire station it had been using, which Gutchess Lumber has purchased and taken over.

Bassett said in February the storage area will be essential for all the equipment, which includes lawnmowers, backhoes and excavators.