October 23, 2021

Brindisi adds votes in Broome, Madison counties

Democratic Congressional candidate Anthony Brindisi has added to his overall lead against incumbent Republican Claudia Tenney following absentee and affidavit ballots counts in both Madison and Broome counties.

The gap between them is now 3,143 votes.

The counting follows the ballots being impounded at the Brindisi campaign’s request earlier this week.

Broome County results came in early Friday afternoon with Brindisi receiving more than 1,300 votes than Tenney — 2,959 to 1,640, according to the Broome County Board of Elections.

He took a lead election night, too, 37,406 to 29,742.

In Madison County, Brindisi received 1,063 votes through absentee and affidavit ballots to Tenney’s 739 for the 22nd Congressional District race.

A total of 1,834 absentees and affidavits ballots were counted, according to the Madison County Board of Elections.

In Madison County, Tenney got about 812 more votes than Brindisi on election night, 12,557 to 11,745.

The race is one of the last six races in the House of Representatives to be decided. Democrats have picked up 36 seats and a majority in the 435-member House.

Cortland County finished its count Wednesday. Brindisi received an additional 612 votes in Cortland County to Tenney’s additional 405 votes. He got about 1,600 more votes than Tenney on election night, 8,597 to 6,970.

Other counties in the eightcounty district have yet to complete their ballot counts.

There were 17,372 absentee ballots sent out across the district, reports the state Board of Elections.

In total, Utica-based Brindisi, the Assembly member for the 119th District, received 117,931 votes against the 116,638 received by Tenney, of New Hartford — excluding the absentee votes.

With the latest tally, the unofficial results stand at 122,565 to 119,422.