October 25, 2021

Brindisi extends lead over Tenney

Challenger up 4,000 votes with 1,881 to count

Democratic Congressional candidate Anthony Brindisi is on the path to victory with a more than 4,000-vote lead over incumbent Republican Claudia Tenney and only 1,900 more ballots to count.

As of Tuesday evening, Oneida County was the final county in the eight-county 22nd Congressional District to finish tallying votes — 1,881 still to go — making it mathematically impossible for Tenney to claim a second term.

As of Wednesday morning, Brindisi leads Tenney by 774 absentee votes in Oneida County –– 1,529 to 755 respectively.

All canvassing and recanvassing is expected to be completed by Tuesday, the Oneida County Board of Elections announced this morning.

“I’m humbled that I’ll have the honor to represent this district in Congress,” said Brindisi, the Assembly member for the 119th District. “Now that this campaign is behind us, I look forward to a smooth transition with Congresswoman Tenney to ensure that we hit the ground running in January.”

Tenney and her campaign have yet to comment on current vote tally.

Utica-based Brindisi, led Tenney, of New Hartford, led by about 1,200 votes on election night. Since then, he has claimed more absentee votes than Tenney in six of the eight counties in the district — three of them were counties he lost on election night.

Claiming more absentees than Tenney in Oneida County, so far, is not a surprise, as Brindisi has won the absentee counts in all counties he won election night. He had beat Tenney in Oneida County by about 1,000 votes.

On Friday, Tenney had slightly closed the gap to Brindisi by 54 votes, after claiming more absentees in Oswego and Tioga county, but on Tuesday Brindisi extended his lead once again, acquiring 108 more votes than Tenney in Chenango County — 639 to 531, respectively. Chenango County was one of the counties Tenney had won election night.

Cortland County finished its count last week. Brindisi received 612 absentee votes to Tenney’s 405. He also won Cortland County on election night by about 1,600 votes over Tenney — 8,597 to 6,970.

An official winner won’t be declared in the race until state election officials certify the final results — something that may not happen until next month.

The race is one of the last three in the House of Representatives to be decided. Democrats have picked up 38 seats and a majority in the 435-member house. Brindisi would be seat number 39. Republicans lead in the other two races.

— The Associated Press contributed to this report.