January 18, 2022

Cortland Alderwoman Mastropolo resigns

Photo from cortland.org

Cortland Alderwoman Michelle Mastropolo has resigned, mid-way through her second term, after missing most of the Common Council meetings in 2018.

“I really wanted to make a difference for people,” Mastropolo (D-1st Ward) said Wednesday afternoon in an interview. Her resignation was effective Dec. 23.

Mastropolo was first elected in 2015 to represent the neighborhood from Circle Drive and Homer Avenue to the city’s northern edge near Harmony Circle and west of Ridgeview Avenue.

She was uncontested with 301 votes, and later won re-election in 2017, also uncontested.

Mastropolo said health and family concerns were the reason behind the resignation, but declined comment on whether she still lives in the city.

In 2014, she had a kidney replacement. “I had a different view on life,” she said.

Between health and family, Mastropolo said she was missing a lot. During 2018, Mastropolo attended 14 of the 24 biweekly Common Council meetings.

The absences were sporadic until October, meeting minutes show.

Since the Oct. 2 meeting, Mastropolo had missed six consecutive meetings.

Serving as the First Ward alderwoman was one of Mastropolo’s greatest experiences, she said. “I look back with pride,” she added.

Mayor Brian Tobin said the position would be filled by the council and that there may already be someone in mind. Tobin did not give any names.

The Common Council will also vote to fill a vacant county legislature position following the resignation last week of Legislator Mary Ann Discenza (D-Cortland).

“I hope to see a vote at the council meeting,” he said. The next council meeting will be Tuesday.

Mastropolo also added that she thinks every resident should have the privilege of being able to serve the community and thanked Tobin and the rest of the council.

“I find it hard to step down,” she said.