October 23, 2021

Officials: Test called for after blood found

Pathologist testifies in Bohn case

Joe McIntyre/staff photographer

Dr. James Terzian receives evidence from Cortland County District Attorney Patrick Perfetti at the Cortland County Courthouse during Wednesday’s testimony in the trial of Dorain G. Bohn, 29, who is charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, felonies, in the April 19 death of Kassidy Dains.

A forensic pathologist testified Wednesday that he saw many bruises and cuts on 2-year-old Kassidy Dains’ body, and blood to suggest trauma to her genital area, but no blood in her stool.

“You hardly ever see that,” Dr. James Terzian, a forensic pathologist at Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, said in Cortland County Court in the trial of Dorain G. Bohn.

The testimony was the continuation of the trial of Bohn, 29, originally from the Buffalo area, who is charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, felonies, in the April 19 death of Kassidy Dains. He is also charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.

Terzian’s observance during the autopsy mirrored what was found by the lead investigator, Cortland County sheriff’s Lt. Todd Caufield. He called for a sexual offense evidence kit to be used.

Testimony Monday from forensic experts said swabs taken from Dains’ mouth contained blood and very low levels of prostate specific antigen, a substance that can either be found in seminal fluid or found naturally post-mortem.

Experts Monday also testified to finding blood on swabs taken from several locations among Kassidy’s genitals, though no evidence of seminal fluid was found on those swabs.

Caufield, who interviewed Bohn for several hours in a record showed to jurors, noted Bohn’s statements included a number of inconsistencies:

• What time he and Kassidy got home April 19.
• When and where he drank alcoholic beverages.
• The location of bruising on Kassidy’s body.
• The time frame in which Bohn had found Kassidy either crying or had fallen.
• What Bohn had to eat the night of Kassidy’s death.

“The time frame was a big one we all saw throughout the interview,” Caufield said.

In a police interview video played to jurors Tuesday and Wednesday, Bohn said he put Kassidy on the couch where she fell asleep. Bohn said that he didn’t notice she had stopped breathing until about 30 minutes later, the length of a TV episode he had been watching. However, Caufield said the times and several other pieces of evidence suggest Bohn’s statement did not make sense. In the video, Caufield reads off texts between Bohn and Kassidy’s mother Krystal Dains, starting with a 7:17 p.m. text to that Kassidy had fallen off the bed. In a text sent around 8 p.m. Bohn said that Kassidy must have been really tired because she wasn’t waking up. He then repeats several times through multiple texts to Krystal that she wasn’t waking up.

During the video, Bohn also said he had continued drinking after Kassidy’s injury and that his times could have been mixed up.

Bohn did not call 911 until around 9 p.m.

Caufield also told the court that there was another possible lead to another suspect, however, it was ruled not a legitimate tip. “No other suspects were identified,” he said.

Public Defender Keith Dayton asked Caufield why investigators did not looked for dust particles from the wall board in Kassidy’s hair; on her clothes; or in other places of the apartment as evidence. A sample of Kassidy’s hair was found in a crushed piece of wall board in the apartment.

Caufield said the wall board was not a factor in the investigation at that time.

Terzian said he was given information before the autopsy about Dains, including her age, and the report of how she died from a fall from the bunk bed.

Upon initial examination Kassidy, Terzian observed numerous bruises. “Too many to count,” he said.

He used a diagram he drew in the autopsy report to detail the injuries, including many cuts and bruises to Kassidy’s head, shoulder, chest, pelvic area, knees, shins, back, forearms and hands.

Terzian’s testimony was to continue today.