October 25, 2021

Bohn guilty of murder in death of 2-year-old Kassidy Dains

Jacob DeRochie/contributing photographer

Dorain G. Bohn, 29, is handcuffed Monday following his conviction in Cortland County Court on second-degree murder and other charges in the death of 2-year-old Kassidy Dains.

Dorain G. Bohn was convicted Monday of murder in the death of 2-year-old Kassidy Dains, after the prosecution speculated he was upset having to watch the child when he wanted alone time.

Bohn, 29, originally from the Buffalo area, was found guilty Monday of second-degree murder, first degree manslaughter, felonies, and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.

The verdict in Cortland County Court, which came around 4:13 p.m., was the result of more than two hours of deliberation by the jury and two weeks of testimony from witnesses.

Bohn was found guilty of the charges stemming from a April 19, 2018, incident. Bohn was watching Kassidy at the apartment at 11 Elm St., McGraw, that he shared with Kassidy’s mother, Krystal Dains. He told police at the time that Kassidy was in her bedroom coloring while he drank and watched television in an adjacent room.

Bohn said he heard a thud about 7:17 p.m. from the bedroom and found Kassidy on the floor and assumed she had fallen 5 feet from a bunk bed that had been installed a couple of days earlier.

Kassidy’s skull was fractured, an autopsy showed. She also suffered internal injuries to her abdominal area, including the end of the large intestine. Pathologists also found more than 50 bruises on the girl, including every extremity.

The defense and prosecution made their final statements Monday before the jury began deliberations.

Public Defender Keith Dayton told the jury that a fall from the bunk bed could account for Kassidy’s death. “While all child deaths are tragic, not all are murder, manslaughter or homicide,” Dayton told the jury.

The motive behind Bohn killing Kassidy has been speculated. Chief Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth McGrath told the jury Monday that Bohn had called in sick to work — he wanted alone time to drink, play video games and watch TV. He didn’t want to baby-sit.

“This was not an accident, it was child abuse,” McGrath said. “It was not a fall from a bunk bed, it was murder.”

More details are coming in Tuesday’s Cortland Standard.