January 18, 2022

Making their move

Dryden dance studio relocating to new building

Shenandoah Briere/contributing photographer

Isabella Wilder, 9, finishes practicing her solo routine. She takes dance classes at Tre Bella’s Dance studio in Dryden. The studio will move to a new location in July after construction is finished on a new building.

DRYDEN — Isabella Wilder’s body synchronized to the music as she practiced her solo routine, leaping and twirling across the studio at Tre Bella’s Dance Studio in Dryden.

By the time August rolls around, the 9-year-old will be practicing in a much larger studio in a new building, after Shannon Osburn and her husband, Aaron, finish building their new location.

“As the kids are getting older too and growing with us as a studio they tend to need more space,” she said Thursday. “We have more teachers now than we have in the past years, too, so just kind of making sure we have enough space to accommodate them. It was kind of at that point where if we wanted to keep growing we knew we had to do something.”

Osburn opened the studio five years ago. She has 56 classes, about 100 children, and adults, too.

Osburn said she is on a tight schedule to finish the new 5,000-square-foot studio at 50 Lewis St. in just four months and move out of the 3,000-square-foot facility at 15 W. Main St. in time for its August programs.

“We have to make sure we can offer our customer base some kind of summer opportunity,” she said. “If we took all of August we’d be offering nothing to them.”

The new studio will have two dance studios, 40- by 50-feet and 40-by 40- feet, both with 12-foot ceilings.

“When they do tricks they need that extra space,” she said. “We’ve reached the point where our competitive team has won a lot of awards so to really give them what they deserve we need a bigger space so that they can be trained.”

She noted the space will also give them more room to practice large group routines.

“We can’t really do full production number practice,” she said.

Melissa Grey of Lansing, whose 15-year-old daughter Emily Jones has been at the dance studio for two years, said her daughter is looking forward to the extra space.

“During some of their routines they’re running into the walls because it’s not quite big enough,” she said.

Grey is also happy to see the studio is providing a homework space for the dancers.

“If she has a lull in between classes it’s nice that there’s a space she can sit and do homework,” Grey said.

The total cost to construct the building and the cost of the land is $300,000.

“What I’m most excited about is watching how can I grow this studio,” Osburn said. “What impact can I make in the community now that I have that flexibility.”