January 26, 2022

National Finalist!

8-year-old Owen Mulcahy, of Solon, advances to July 6 final in Cleveland

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Owen Mulcahy, 8, of Solon, points to his picture as the MLB Network displays a graphic showing the National Finalists in its Pitch Hit & Run competition.

For the second time in as many years, an area youth baseball player has earned a berth in the National Finals of Major League Baseball’s Pitch Hit & Run.

Owen Mulcahy, the eight-year-old son of Jenn and Brett Mulcahy of Solon, advanced through the local and sectional levels in the Boys 7-8 baseball age group to Team Competition, held at Yankee Stadium on June 2, and won there as well. On Monday, Owen and his family learned that he isn’t done yet.

They were watching the MLB Network on Monday evening when the national competitors were revealed. His name and picture were displayed along with the other top performers nation- wide.

Mulcahy is one of just 24 competitors to earn a berth in the National Finals out of the youths from the US and Canada who took part in more than 4,200 competitions this season in baseball and softball. The National Finals will take place July 6 in Cleveland, in conjunction with the MLB All-Star festivities.

“I was yelling, jumping and running around the house,” Mulcahy said in recalling his reaction to finding out that he was Cleveland-bound. Asked if he was confident about his chances to advance, he said “Yeah, I had high scores. I’m excited about (Nationals).”

Mulcahy hit the strike zone on three of six pitches at Yankee Stadium for 225 points, hit a ball 124 feet on line for 222 points and ran the 160 feet from just beyond second base to home plate in 6.31 seconds for 385 points. giving him a total of 832 points.

Owen displays his plaque after winning the Pitch Hit & Run Team Competition at Yankee Stadium on June 2.

A Yankee fan, Mulcahy noted of his time at Yankee Stadium that “It felt really good; I wanted to soak it in so I never forget about it.”

Mulcahy’s fellow Boys 7-8 competitors in Cleveland are Levi Lamb of Reno, Nev.. who represents the Oakland Athletics, and Charlie Compher from Gambrills, Md., representing the Baltimore Orioles.

Adam Minnard from Cortland made the National Finals last year and finished third nationally in the Boys’ 13-14 Boys age group at Washington, D.C.

The entire Mulcahy family, which also includes 11-year-old Blair, “and possibly some grandparents,” according to Jenn, will be making the drive to Cleveland. A uniform fitting, gift bag distribution and welcome dinner slated for July 5. After competing in the National Finals and attending the All-Star Concert on July 6, the select 24 and guests will be able to take in the All- Star Legends and Celebrities Softball Game, the Sirius XM All-Star Futures Game and All-Star Rock’n Blast on All-Star Sunday, July 7. They will also attend All-Star Workout Day, featuring American and National League batting practice and the T-Mobile Home Run Derby, on July 8, serving as outfield ball shaggers for the Home Run Derby.

“I’m looking forward to being seeing the stadium, watching the players play and having fun sat the Home Run Derby,” Owen Mulcahy said. “The player I’m hoping to meet is Aaron Judge, probably.”

Mulcahy has been playing baseball since he was four, starting with Tee- Ball, and is a member of the Astros in the Crown City Little League’s Minor Division. “My favorite parts of the game are trying to hit home runs and stealing bases,” he said.

Caden Albright from Virgil won the Boys’ 11-12 age group Team Competition at Yankee Stadium but wasn’t one of the top three scorers nationally.