October 24, 2021

Highways and buy-ways

Annual Route 90 sale draws miles of bargain hunters

Travis Dunn/staff reporter

Bargain hunters scour the roadside merchandise under a tent Saturday in Summerhill during the 32nd annual Route 90 Garage Sale, a day-long event that ties together sales from Homer to Montezuma in Cayuga County.

LOCKE — Bradly Krueger of Rochester bought the Sasquatch suit years ago for Halloween.

Krueger said he’s into anything having to do with Bigfoot or Sasquatch, so he thought at some point the suit would get some use beyond that one Halloween. Maybe he’d wear it as a prank, maybe go for a walk in the woods and try to freak people out. On second thought, Krueger realized he’d probably just get shot.

So the suit hung unused in his closet, until he decided it was time to unload it along with a bunch of other stuff.

Saturday, the suit sold for $10 from his mother’s front yard during the 32nd annual Route 90 50-Mile Garage Sale, a daylong event that strings together garage sales from the village of Homer to Montezuma in Cayuga County.

Krueger also sold, among other items, a stool with an International tractor seat for $40 and two unicycles, $15 for both.

“I’ve been dragging them around with me everywhere I’ve moved,” he said of the unicycles. “I figured it was time to let somebody else get some use out of them.”

He hoped somebody would buy an arc welder for $240, but there were no takers as of 10 a.m.

There were plenty of deals to be had Saturday, but you had to move fast. By late morning, many of the tables had been thoroughly picked over, but there were still bargains waiting for the discerning eye.

Each year, the selling seems to start a little earlier, said John Signor of Moravia, who has been selling his wares for several years from a rented space in Locke. Signor starts setting up for the event two weeks in advance, when he said professional antique dealers are sometime prowling, trying to get a jump on the general public who hit the road on Saturday.

Signor, who worked part-time for years with an auctioneer, accumulated so much stuff that he’s still trying to sell it. Glasses, mugs, tea cups, decorative plates, books, toys, knickknacks, doodads, bric-a-brac and whatnot, a General Electric Home Sentry Timer, a baseball hat that reads: “Elect Peter Pinckney Sheriff.” Make him an offer, and he’ll cut a deal.

Down the road in Summerhill, Harvey Troyer, 25, a member of the Amish community, managed to find a $40 powderhorn he was quite pleased with. Just down the road, members of his family and community sold doughnuts, baked goods, pizza, ice cream, soft pretzels, fruit, jams and jellies to a steady stream of customers.

Jessica Teal of Marathon cruised Route 90 with her family for the fourth summer in a row. They started at 8:30 in Homer, and by 10:30 they’d made it as far as Summerhill. Her daughter 15- year old Ellee, she said, was the bargain hunter. Her big find this morning? A $40 complete boxed set of the TV show Friends that she haggled down from $60.

“(Summerhill) is one of our big stops that we like because of the doughnuts,” Teal said.