December 4, 2021

Cortland Free Library director job remains unfilled

Search continue

Travis Dunn/Staff Reporter

Scott Conroe of Cortland reads research Friday afternoon in the Cortland Free Library. The library board continues to search for a new director.

The Cortland Free Library continues to search for a director, after passing on two finalists that the library brought to the city for extensive interviews in June.

“The number (of applications) that we get will determine when we start the interview process,” she said.

Sickmon said the library committee didn’t “aggressively advertise” the position over the summer, but the committee has recently been making a more active effort to bring in more responses, including the placement of paid advertisements for the open position.

“What we’re looking for is someone who is very community-oriented who will go out into the community and make sure our library is meeting the needs of the community,” said Vivian Bosch, president of the library’s board of trustees. Bosch said the applicant pool for the post is limited, because state guidelines require that the library hire a director who holds a master of library sciences degree.

Travis Dunn/Staff Reporter

Sarah McCulloch of Homer does research Friday afternoon in the Cortland Free Library. The library board continues to search for a new director; the position has been open since October 2018.

In the meantime, said Sickmon, the library staff have been holding together in the absence of a new director.

“It’s a team effort. We have a great staff that has really been pulling together…,” Sickmon said. “Everyone knows their job, and that’s why we’ve been able to run so smoothly during this period of time.”

Bosch said the administrative burden on Sickmon is also reduced because the library hired a contract bookkeeper to fill a new part-time business manager position in January; the business manager has been handling most of the financial and human resources duties that would be the responsibility of the director, she said.

The library has been without a director since October of last year, after the previous director, Rachel Hoff, was fired without public explanation after 56 days on the job. She replaced Jacie Spoon, who served as director from November 2013 to April 2018.