October 21, 2021

Needles found in Cortland Halloween candy

A Cortland woman found sewing needles Friday in two packages of candy that her children collected Halloween night, Cortland police said Friday evening.

In one package, a needle was found outside the candy and plainly visible, Lt. Michael Strangeway said. In the other, the needle was stuck into the licorice.

Both tampered packages were “snack-sized red Twizzlers, Strangeway said.

The woman told police her children got all their candy from a building at 51 Port Watson St., which has more than 100 apartments. The woman could not identify from which apartment the kids got the candy.

The investigation continues, Strangeway said, adding it appears to be an isolated incident and there is no indication where the candy was tampered with.

The last time a foreign object was found in Halloween candy was 23 years ago, said Trish Hansen of TLC Emergency Medical Services, which coordinates a Halloween-night candy check. Searchers found a thumb tack.

Parents should check candy carefully and reporting anything they deem suspicious, Strangeway said.
Anyone with details can call city police at 607-758-8311.