December 6, 2021

Mixed vote for propositions

Voters decided the fate Tuesday of four propositions in Cortland and Cayuga counties:

Cortland County

Cortland County voted, 3,021 to 2,207 to double the length of the terms of county Legislators to four years, beginning Jan. 1.
The change is intended to provide consistency in county leadership. Many county legislators in New York serve a four-year term.
Legislator Ann Homer (D-Cortland) said she was surprised it passed.
“I did not think it would pass,” she said. “But I think the general public is getting tired of all the campaigning every two years.”

Village of Homer

Village of Homer voters decided, to relinquish a vacant 1.45-acre property owned by the village west of Carroway Hill Road and bounded on the west by Interstate 81 to the town of Homer.
Mayor Darren ‘Hal’ McCabe said the parcel is landlocked and someone who owns an adjacent parcel in the town wants to combine the property to develop the land for a residence. He said the tax revenue loss to the village is about $20 a year.


Voters in Freetown decided, 40-63, not to make the town highway superintendent an appointed position, beginning Jan. 1, 2022.

Cayuga County

Cayuga County voted, 11,762 to 3,341, to reduce the number of years in legislators’ terms to two from four beginning Jan. 1, 2022, to accommodate redistricting based on the 2020 federal Census, and to set a limit of three four-year terms for legislators. The measure would also eliminate the staggering of elections for the districts and allow the legislature to change the number of districts if the Census calls for a change.