October 25, 2021

40 condos proposed for village of Homer

The village of Homer has scheduled a Jan. 8 public hearing on a 40-condo development proposed for North Main Street if all goes well at a Cortland County Planning Board review in December.

“There’s a lot of moving parts and there are a lot of longer processes that have to go into place to make things work,” said Vince Patriarco, a project owner of Arbor Brook Flats LLC Tuesday. Jerry Contento and Eric Barden are also owners.

Plans to build on the land, which is located on Dee Street off of North Main Street in the village and just past Rob San Drive, have slightly changed over the years since the project first began in the 1990s by Ken DeMunn, who owned the property at the time. In 2014 DeMunn, the owner of JTS Lumber, presented the village board with a plan to build 40 apartments, but plans stalled due to some concerns by board members. In 2018 DeMunn died, but the property remained with his estate.

“We were contacted (by the estate) to take a look at the project,” Patriarco said. “The current project is our version of what we believe is a good project to take forward.”
The new plan calls for 40 condos—13 two-unit condo buildings, two four-unit condo buildings and one six-unit condo. The two-unit condos would be one floor and the four-unit condos have one bedroom on the second floor. Each condo would have an attached garage, link to the village sewer and water.

“They’re not real high buildings and they’re not meant to be, people want one-floor living,” Patriarco said during a village meeting Nov. 13.

But before the plan can go to a public hearing it must be reviewed by the county Planning Department.

“I don’t think they’re going to have any issues,” he said, noting the applicants weren’t looking for zoning changes. “This isn’t a totally different plan that we’re doing. This is a re-layout of what’s there.”

If things go well with the county Planning Board, the project will stay on track too. Patriarco is hoping for final approval from the village board by the end of January. The project also requires setting up a condo association with the state, which can take months and without one in place construction of the units cannot happen.

If that all works out, construction could begin in the summer of 2020.

“This is great,” said board member Ed Finkbeiner.

“It’s a little risky because we’re talking about selling 40 units,” Patriarco said. “It all seems great on paper and in pictures …”

“I bet you won’t have a problem” selling them, said Finkbeiner.

County planning director Dan Dineen said the county lacks condo-type housing and that type of housing is good for older people who may be looking to downsize.

“That’s a good way of doing that is to have a condo because you don’t have the upkeep of a house,” Dineen said Wednesday.

Patriarco said it will also be good for young people.

“My daughter is probably going to be in one of those,” he said. “This takes all of that (maintenance) away.”

Preliminary plans for the project can be viewed at the village offices, 31 N. Main St.