October 27, 2021

Preble seniors consider forming new club

seniors feeding duck illustration

Seniors in Preble are all for creating a senior club, considering the closest senior centers are at least seven miles away for some people.

“I think it’s absolutely marvelous,” said Sharon Van Patten Bishop, who now lives in Tully but keeps in touch with her friends in Preble still. “We really spend too much time at home.”

But having a club that meets at least once a month could change that.

Bishop was among 25 seniors who attended a get-together Friday at the Preble Fire Department to discuss and take a survey on the idea, suggested by David Morse in August.

“These seniors have been paying taxes, they deserve something from the town,” Morse said. “These are senior citizens that need a place to congregate, socialize and be with their peers.”

Sherry Hand, who lives on Preble Road, said some of the seniors would meet at one of the shops in town and have coffee and a conversation. But now that those shops are closed, the senior citizens have nowhere to go.

Morse said he wants to mirror the Preble club on how Virgil operates its club. Members of the club pay $2 a month, meet once a month and schedule things like trips during the year. Virgil Town Board Member Jereme Stiles said the town budgets $2,000 each year to help the club and that pays for the buses for the trips the club takes. The town also lets the club have a monthly luncheon at town hall.

Lyle and Esther Pierce, of Preble Road, are part of the Virgil Senior Club and love it, but said having another club close to home wouldn’t hurt.

“It’s great,” Lyle Pierce said. “We take a couple of trips a year.”

People who attended the meeting were asked to fill out a survey asking whether they wanted to meet for coffee and a conversation or in the afternoon to play cards or board games and how often they wanted to meet. Morse said if the club takes off, it would meet at the Preble Fire Department on Preble Road for now.

However, he said the Mountain View Restaurant and the Calvary Baptist Church have also informally indicated they may like to help.

“We want to be able to give them (the seniors) what they want, or try to,” Morse said.