December 2, 2021

City glass separation to begin Feb. 3

Recycling stock image

Starting Feb. 3, Cortland residents will be required to modify their recycling habits, following a county-imposed recycling change deadline that kicks in Jan. 1.

The city’s Common Council adopted a resolution, 6-0, Tuesday to change its recycling schedule starting Feb. 3.

After that, the city will pick up glass for recycling during the first week of every month and collect other non-glass recyclables on the other weeks; recycling pickup days will otherwise remain the same. The move is in response to a county recycling policy change; on Jan. 1, the county recycling center will no longer accept glass mixed in with other recyclable materials.

For January, however, city residents are asked to either hold onto their glass until the first week of February, or take the separated glass to the county recycling center themselves, said Alderwoman Kat McCarthy (D-1st Ward).

Starting Jan. 1, city residents are also asked to recycle only plastic items that have caps, lids or tops, while discarding the caps, lids and tops.

Styrofoam and single-use plastic containers will not be acceptable for recycling.

City officials have also coordinated with county officials to send out a flier to city residents informing them of the change. Charlie Sudbrink, the county superintendent of highways, said the county would be able to mail them out within days of receiving the city’s flier, which would put the mailing date sometime in the next week.

Alderman Thomas Michales (R-8th Ward), who expressed concern at the council’s Dec. 3 meeting that residents would not have enough time to adapt to the change, said delaying the change to Feb. 3 would be acceptable.

“It gives people enough time to figure out how they’re going to deal with this,” he said.

The council also tabled a resolution concerning unanticipated trash-hauling cost increases that would increase the price that residents pay for city-issued blue bags. That proposal will be considered at the council’s Jan. 21 meeting.