October 23, 2021

Hotel Groton presents inaugural Christmas bazaar

First last chance

Colin Spencer/staff reporter

Katelin Walberger, second from right, looks at jewelry made by Coury Galloway during Saturday’s Christmas Bazaar at the Hotel Groton. It was the first year for the event.

GROTON — With Christmas this week, Saturday’s Christmas bazaar at the Hotel Groton offered visitors a chance to get in some last-minute shopping from local vendors.

“People are shopping later and a lot of times, it’s hard to find locally produced stuff or stuff that supports the community so the idea was to accommodate that as well as have a fun atmosphere with music and bring together local producers,” said Jeff Toolan, the owner of the event space at the Hotel Groton.

At midday there were three vendors set up inside the hotel’s barroom. Three additional vendors planned to attend, Toolan said.

Food and drink samples made by Toolan and vendor Devon Buckley were available for visitors to try.

Ithaca musician Travis Knapp was also scheduled to perform.

Saturday was the first time the bazaar happened.

“I’m really excited,” Toolan said. “I just hope a lot of people stop by and I’m looking forward to a great afternoon of music and enjoying some fresh food and elixirs as well.”

Coury Galloway of Newfield was selling jewelry from her business, Crystalized Goddess Jewelry.

Her biggest sellers have been crystal pendants, which she cleanses and puts good intentions into, she said.

“I just hope people are drawn to the crystals and they go home happy and satisfied,” she said.

Her friend, Katelin Walberger, purchased an arrowhead pendant from Galloway to help support her business.

“It’s all made locally and all made from her heart,” Walberger said. “She doesn’t just make it to make quick money. She makes it because she actually enjoys it and puts her heart into it.”

The two became friends a few months ago though a mutual connection in Walberger’s cousin, Walberger said.

Since then, Walberger has been attending craft shows where Galloway has been selling items.

The previous events, as well as Saturday’s, have gotten Walberger more interested in purchasing from local vendors.

“I’ve only ever bought from her but I’m definitely interested into looking at more local vendors,” she said.

Colin Spencer/staff reporter

Jessamine Stone, a vendor for Norwex, looks over oils with Jeff Toolan during Saturday’s Christmas Bazaar at the Hotel Groton.

Shannon Garity of Ithaca was selling tinctures, tea blends and salves from her business Rippling Medicinals.

She hoped that the event would help connect personally with people for their health needs and get her business’s name out into the community.

“I’m hoping to connect with people so even in the future, I can do more consultations or have more people learning about these medicines,” she said.