October 21, 2021

6-pound boy is GCMC’s first arrival of 2020

And baby makes 9

Todd R. McAdam/managing editor

Jane Lewis and Lawrence Lewis jr. smile as Jane cradles their new baby boy, Bentley Lawrence. Bentley was the first baby born this year in Cortland County and the first baby born at any of the Guthrie hospitals.

Jane Lewis of McGraw sat on the hospital bed at Guthrie Cortland Medical Center smiling as she looked down at her sleeping baby boy wrapped in a white-and-black patterned blanket with a hat. Her husband, Lawrence Lewis Jr., sat in a chair next to the bed, eyes gazing at the sleeping child.

Jane Lewis gave birth to the first baby of the new year born at the hospital: Bentley Lawrence. He came at 10:18 a.m., weighing 6 pounds and was 19 inches.

“It’s exciting,” Jane Lewis said.

Obstetrics nurse manager Olga Levitskiy said in past years, the county has had to wait a few days before the first baby of the year was born. But not this year. Jane Lewis said she came in just after midnight Wednesday and around eight hours later Bentley was born.

Bentley was also the first baby born at any of the Guthrie hospitals, said Samantha Lantz, a corporate communications specialist for Guthrie, based in Sayre, Pennsylvania.

“Oh that’s kind of neat,” said Bailey Riley, one of Lewis’ nurses.

The couple said while the baby “definitely wasn’t planned” they are very happy to be growing their family — it can now fill a baseball roster, if mom and dad play.

Bentley is child No. 7. The couple has daughters Emmily Thomas, 12, and Heartley Lewis, 2.

Lawrence Lewis has a 13-year-old daughter, Koral Lewis and the couple foster three kids: 7-year-old Jasmine Dibble, 5-year-old Kyle Wong Jr. and 4-year-old Avreigh Wing.

The Lewis’ are also happy to welcome their first boy.

“Every pregnancy that I’ve had, I wanted to have my boy be Bentley,” Jane Lewis said.

Bentley surprised the family though by coming 2 1/2 weeks early.

The Hospital Aid group, a team of volunteers focused on “improving and enhancing the health and wellness of women, children, and families through advocacy, education, fundraising and community partnerships” gave the couple a bassinet full of supplies, including diapers and sleep sacks.

The Lewis’ were thankful and of course tired, so they planned to spend the rest of the day Thursday just like the baby — relaxing and maybe getting in a nap.