December 8, 2021

Catherine Feuerherm to stay on as health director

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Catherine Feuerherm rescinded her retirement as the Cortland County public health director Monday to help the county’s response to the outbreak of the coronavirus, according to a news release from the county.

“While I look forward to my retirement, I feel a responsibility to the department and to our community to guide us through this unprecedented public health event,” she said in the release. “I have prepared for this through my entire career and I want to use my expertise to keep the residents of this county safe.”

Feuerherm has been with the health department for around 30 years and took over as director in 2009.

Her last day before retirement was suppose to be Monday.

County Administrator Rob Corpora said he is thankful for Feuerherm staying on to help the county.

“Cathy has critical experience that we need during our response to this ongoing situation … ” he said.

Feuerherm is continuing to coordinate with local, state and federal officials.

There are no confirmed cases in Cortland County as of this morning.