October 18, 2021

First coronavirus case in Onondaga County

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A woman in her 70s is the first confirmed coronavirus case in Onondaga County, officials announced during a news conference this morning.

Onondaga County Health Commissioner Indu Gupta said the case was confirmed around 8 :50 a.m. and the woman is a patient at one of the hospitals, although they did not identify which.

“We never identify a specific location, a specific geography,” Gupta said about disclosing where the woman is from.

Gupta said the woman did have an underlying medical history.

Gupta also said there is no current history of the woman having traveled and so an investigation into who she came into contact with her is ongoing.

“We’re going to get through this,” said County Executive Ryan McMahon.

Cortland County health officials have not confirmed any cases as of this morning.