October 26, 2021

Local bowling leagues suspended

bowling stock image

Even though they are near the end of the winter season, 281 Bowl in Cortland and Hi-Lanes is Homer have suspended league action until March 30.

Here is the statement posted by Brian Phillips from Hi-Lanes on Facebook.

Bowlers and Patrons:
As of Monday (3/16/2020) we have suspended our operations for two weeks. We will then review the government bans and keep you informed of any changes.

If the government bans are lifted by 3/30/2020 we plan to resume operations and leagues. We will finish out the bowling season accordingly. Which will mean extending the original league by two weeks. League officials please make sure your team Captains are properly informed of any changes.

We will post any updates and keep league officials informed on any upcoming changes.

Please stay safe… Terisha and I would like to thank you all for your cooperation during this difficult time.

Any questions please contact Brian at 607-423-0467.

If you have been contacted by your League official today those plans are still in place.

Scott Becker and the 281 Bowl staff have a similar statement on Facebook.

Message from Management:
As of Monday (March 16, 2020), 281 Bowl has suspended all operations for up to two weeks (3/30/20). Hopefully at that time the virus threat will be diminished and the governor will lift the ban.

On March 30, 2020, we plan to resume operations and leagues will finish out the bowling season accordingly, which will mean extending the original league schedules by two weeks. We ask that all league officials make sure that they contact their team captains with this information so all members are properly informed.

If anything changes prior to 3/30/20 we will post and update all league officials
and captains accordingly.

Anne and I are praying that everyone will get through these tough times. Please Be Safe. — Scott Becker

Cort-Lanes did have league action Monday, but the Senior Men’s League bowls in the morning before the latest restrictions were announced. The Save-A-Lot Ladies League only has 15 bowlers so it was held as well that day, but there has been no word on if Cort-Lanes is following the same plan as the other two local establishments otherwise. A phone call Tuesday night was not answered.