December 2, 2021

Guthrie sees lag in virus testing results

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Results for COVID-19 tests through the Guthrie hospital system are facing a five- to 10-day lag time, according to Michael Stitley, emergency preparedness coordinator for Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, the flagship hospital of the Guthrie system, of which Guthrie Cortland Medical Center is a part.

In a Thursday morning news conference, Stitley said Guthrie officials initially expected tests would take two to four days.

“What we found that is the same supply chain disruption that is happening for the testing kits is happening for the laboratories as they try to get the results of these tests,” Stitley said.

He said Guthrie system has conducted 134 tests so far. People whose tests results have not yet been received are still being kept in isolation, he said.

Stitely said Guthrie consults with the department of health regarding whether to test people suspected of being infected. He said the Guthrie system has an adequate number of tests “for a significant period of time,” putting the number at “well over 1,000.”

Guthrie officials said that slowing down the spread of the virus was crucial.

“The containment strategy has to be emphasized. If we test a lot of well people, we’re not going to be as efficient and effective at containing this disease,” said Joseph Scopelliti, president and CEO of the Guthrie Clinic.