November 30, 2021

Frosted bakery creates cupcake activity for families

A sweet sendoff

S.N. Briere/ staff reporter

Carie George and her twin boys Cooper, left, and Jackson pick up their cupcake decorating kit at Frosted on Main Street in Cortland. Before closing Friday until further notice, the bakery sold cupcake decorating kits to families for $10 to give families a fun activity while waiting out the coronavirus at home.

In the midst of people quarantining at home, Main Street bakery Frosted decided to bring smiles to kids’ faces with the only way it knew how — cupcakes.

Over the past few days, the bakery sold cupcake-decorating kits with all the essentials. The children got six cupcakes, the frosting, decorating bags and three toppings — Oreos, M&Ms and sprinkles.

“I really like how they gave us frosting and toppings to put on top,” said Jackson George, 9, who stopped by the bakery Friday morning with his twin brother Cooper and mom Carie to get the delights. “I put all the frosting, but I dyed it yellow and added my own chocolate chips to make it look like a Lego person’s head.”

“He already ate two,” Carie George said Friday afternoon.

George said she got the idea to participate in the activity with her boys after someone tagged her in Frosted’s Facebook post.

She also said the 1.5-mile walk to Frosted to get the cupcakes was reminiscent of when she would take the boys for a long walk in the stroller when they were younger. They would stop by Frosted on their way back home as a reward.

“We thought it was a great idea,” she said. “We’ve been trying to shop locally and support some of our local business.”

Frosted owner Margaret Gucwa-Natale said she wanted to give the community something fun to do while they are quarantining and practicing social distancing because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“To be there for the community,” she said. “Food brings happiness; cupcakes bring happiness.”

She said the shop started offering the cupcake decorating activity on Thursday before shutting down business until further notice on Friday. By Friday morning, it had sold around 50 kits and she had more people stopping in to pick up throughout the day.

She said one of the best parts was seeing all the photos of the kids decorations or the kids eating the cupcakes posted under her original Facebook post.

“They’re always so giving to the community,” George said about Gucwa-Natale and the bakery. “It’s just not surprising that she would think of that.”