January 18, 2022

Local quartet gains North 1st team

IAC Boys’ Basketball All-Stars

File photo by Katie Vartanian/contributing photographer

Marathon’s Diego Castellot (3) and Groton’s Kalib Manning (0) were both named IAC North Small School Division First Team all-stars by league coaches.

Four local players received Interscholastic Athletic Conference North Division First Team allstar accolades from the league’s coaches.

Dryden senior guard Ethan Hicks was an IAC North Large School Division first team selection while Marathon senior guard Diego Castellot, Marathon senior guard-forward Andrew Tillotson and Groton junior guard Kalib Manning were selected IAC North Small School Division First Team all-stars.

“Ethan was tied for the leading scorer on the team with 11 points per game, led the team in assists and was second on the team in rebounds,” Dryden coach Zack LeViere said. “Ethan was also a leader on the team as a captain and our primary ball-handler. He excelled both offensively and defensively. When we needed a basket he was the guy we drew a play up for. Ethan plans to play lacrosse in college and we wish him the best going forward.”

Joining Hicks as North Large School Division First Team all-stars were Whitney Point senior Tanner Kallfelz (division MVP), Whitney Point senior Hunter James, Lansing senior Ethan Burt, Trumansburg sophomore Lucas Taves and Whitney Point senior Levi Burns.

North Large School Division Second Team allstars were Dryden senior forward Patrick Murphy (11 points, 8 rebounds per game), Lansing sophomore Carson Crandall and Trumansburg senior Elijiah Black.

Casellot was the IAC North Small School MVP after averaging 17 points, five rebounds, four assists and three steals per game this season.

“Diego has been an outstanding leader for us and will be sorely missed,” Marathon coach Jim Holland said.. “He leaves behind numerous records: scoring leader, three point leader and back-to-back sectional title holder. The cancellation of this season didn’t hit me until a few weeks ago…I realized that my time to have any type of influence as his coach has ended. I am saddened by the graduation of Diego. He will never know what he has meant to me for years to come. He ranks as one of THE best I have ever coached. Five years together is a long time. He has always been a joy to coach. He has always done what I have asked of him and has never disrespected me on the hardwood. He has been a household name in the IAC and I am sure other coaches are glad he finally is moving on….I, on the other hand, am saddened.”

Tillotson averaged 12 points, seven rebounds, three steals and 2.5 assists per game.

“Andrew is an outstanding athlete who has made huge contributions to the program,” Holland said. “Andrew completely changes the makeup of the team when he is on the court. He has great court savvy, speed, and an uncanny ability to get open drives to the basket. Andrew, being a second-time first team IAC all-star, well deserves this award. He is a great role model during practice for the younger players and will be missed. He, along with the other seniors, have really helped to build Marathon’s program. He has a brilliant mind and a great personality to go along with his athleticism and love for the game. I enjoyed coaching him and he will be very hard to replace. I wish that he could have stayed away from the injury bug…but even with them he was an unstoppable and match up nightmare for most teams.”

Manning averaged 15.6 points, 5.8 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 1.7 steals per game.

“Kalib was one of our top scorers this year,” Groton coach Ken Updike said. “Kalib led the team in assists and our third best rebounders. Kalib, along with Garrett VanBenschoten and James Lucey, did it all in regards to your top stat categories in points, rebounds, assists, steals. Kalib and James return next year. The one area that doesn’t show up in the stats related to Kalib and Garrett is that they are great teammates. The team was always first, and their teammates were most important to them.”

Rounding out the IAC North Small School Division First Team all-stars are Moravia senior Deegan Sovocool, Union Springs sophomore Jose Reyes and Moravia senior Gavin Stayton. IAC North Small School Division Second Team selections were Marathon senior guard Owen Hoyt (8.3 points, 4.5 rebounds per game), Groton senior guard Garrett VanBenschoten (13.3 points, 6.5 rebounds, 3.1 assists , 2.4 steals per game), Marathon freshman guard Conor Holland (9 points, 4 rebounds, 2.5 deflections, 2 assists/ game), Marathon senior forward Kenyon Depuy (10 points, 7.5 rebounds/game), Southern Cayuga senior Jared Howe, Southern Cayuga junior Jackson Otis, Moravia junior Justin Pettit and Union Springs junior Ryan Bailey.


IAC South Large School Division First Team allstars are Waverly senior Scott Woodring (division MVP), Watkins Glen senior Isaac McIlroy, Elmira Heights Edison senior Jack Shaw, Watkins Glen sophomore Owen Scholtisek, ,Elmira Notre Dame senior Brody Nemier and Newark Valley junior Donavin Beebe.

IAC South Large School Second Team recipients were Elmira Notre Dame senior Adam Ward, Watkins Glen sophomore Mitch Pike , Elmira Notre Dame junior Joe Sheehan, Waverly eighth grader Joe Tomasso, Watkins Glen junior Max Evans, Waverly junior Aiden Westbrook and Watkins Glen sophomore Adam Pastore.

IAC South Small School Division First Team all-stars are Newfield senior Josh Wood (division MVP), Newfield senior DaeJahd Leckey, Spencer-Van Etten junior James Sutherlin, Candor senior Daniel Thomas, Tioga senior Sam Taylor and Newfield senior LaRon Boykin.

IAC South Small School Division Second Team selections were Newfield junior Jacob Humble, Candor sophomore Nick Thomas, Spencer-Van Etten junior Matthew Merrick, Candor senior Kolden Foster, Candor senior Alex Doucett, Spencer-Van Etten junior Mathew Byrne, Odessa-Montour senior Paden Grover, Newfield freshman Jalen Hardison, Odessa-Montour senior Preston Harris and Candor senior Marcus Rypkema.