October 23, 2021

Greek Peak drive-in offers weekend activity amid virus

Travis Dunn/staff reporter

Dylan Richmond orders drinks at Trax, Greek Peak’s restaurant, before a drive-in screening Friday of “Hobbs & Shaw.”

There’s a drive-in movie showing in Virgil?

What’s playing?

Who cares?

It’s raining.

So what?

Anything to get outside.

That’s basically the thought process that brought SUNY Cortland alumnae Kayla and Marcy Griffin from Syracuse to Greek Peak Friday night.

“There’s nothing to do,” Marcy said. “We don’t want to see the movie,” Kayla added. “We just came to get out of the house.”

They weren’t alone. About 40 vehicles turned up Friday night despite the rain that was falling when the gate opened at 7:30 p.m.

But the rain cleared not long before Ayden Wilber, the director of operations at Greek Peak, fired up the projector and began screening “Hobbs & Shaw,” the third film that Greek Peak drive-in theater has shown since it opened May 15. The outdoor theater can accommodate 50 vehicles, and most of the screenings have sold out — Friday night being one of the exceptions because of the weather, Wilber said.

Rain had threatened other screenings, but the show went on regardless, he said. “A little bit of sprinkling is not a problem.”

Lightning’s another story — in that case they’d close and offer refunds — but so far that hasn’t been necessary.

Out in the parking lot, Madeline Brady was delivering food and drinks that moviegoers ordered online from Trax, Greek Peak’s restaurant, while a masked Dylan Richmond ventured inside to buy his drinks.

What brought him to the drive-in?

“I saw a Facebook post, and I didn’t really have much going on,” he said. “It was a good date night choice.”

Donald Sherwood of Apalachin, who drove up with his girlfriend Abbey Somers, apparently had the same idea.

“I just wanted to see a movie and have a good time,” Sherwood said.

The theater has a 50-vehicle capacity, but Wilber said he’s trying to expand by moving to Greek Peak’s main parking lot, where they would build a larger screen. This nearby location would fit about 200 vehicles, he said. He is seeking approval from county and town of Virgil officials.

“We plan on running this for the foreseeable future,” Wilber said.