January 18, 2022

Changes made at facility during shutdown for virus

Sports court, remodeling work among upgrades

Photo by Tom Vartanian/Sports Editor

A look from behind home plate at the pitching machine in one of the Cortland Crush Hitting Center areas at the J.M. McDonald Sports Complex. Batters will be able to face this Iron Mike machine or have a couple of other options along with receiving instruction from Shawn May when Phase 4 of Restart New York allows The Complex to reopen.

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced the J.M. McDonald Sports Complex to temporarily close its doors, the staff has been busy making some upgrades and changes to its facilities during the downtime.

The J.M. McDonald Sports Complex will reopen when the county is moved into Phase 4 of the Restart New York Plan.

Among those changes are installing a new sports court, upgrading its hitting area and other general remodeling.

The Small Turf Field is no more. In place of the small turf field The Complex will begin installing a brand new sports court Sunday, best used for basketball, tennis, volleyball and other indoor sports. The court was generously donated by sponsors and supporters, as well as the Jim and Julie Boeheim Foundation. The staff cannot wait to open it to the public.

The Cortland Crush Hitting Center has seen a welcome change. In conjunction with Cortland Crush Baseball, this quiet time at the complex has allowed for the development of a brand new hitting center with multiple areas of which to take your swings. Upstairs you will no longer find an empty cage, but rather Shawn May giving specialized instruction to our local players. Check out the J.M. McDonald Sports Complex website for more info on how to sign up.

General remodeling work will have the common spaces looking a little different on your first visit back to the complex. On top of the required social distancing guidelines, they are remodeling the office, repainting the bathrooms and locker rooms, the back door is fixed and the floors are patched.

For the latest information on what’s happening and what’s offered at the J.M. McDonald Sports Complex, check out its website at www.jmmcomplex.com or on Facebook by typing J.M. McDonald Sports Complex in the search area.