October 23, 2021

Greek Peak looks to add camp

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People may be able to place campers or camp in tents at Greek Peak in Virgil if the company gets approval from Virgil planning and town boards.

“We have a lot of land here and we’ve actually been dabbling in it over the last couple years,” said Wesley Kryger, the president of Greek Peak. “It seemed like camping was becoming more and more popular.”

The 372-acre site is on the north side of Route 392 about a quarter-mile west of the intersection of Route 392 and Clute Road, near Hope Lake, according to Cortland County Planning Department documents. It will be able to hold 26 campers and have 20 tent sites.

Kryger said that he spoke to the state’s Campground Owners Association and had an engineer out to see the area last year.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to start construction on that in July,” Kryger said.

He said the company just has to get approval from the various boards county planning, Virgil planning and the town board.

“We’d love to have it open this summer, but at best I think it would be fall before we could get it open,” he said.

The county planning department sent a recommendation to the Virgil town board after canceling the county planning board meeting due to the coronavirus to consider a conditional permit, site plan review and consolidating the two properties that total 372 acres.

That recommendation was contingent upon the company meeting certain requirements, including:

  • Obtaining a state Department of Transportation work permit to bring the existing driveway up to commercial standards.
  • Authorization from the state Department of Environmental Conservation if more than 5 acres of land is going to be disturbed at one time.
  • That a stormwater pollution prevention plan be submitted to the DEC.

The county Health Department approval of the plans.

  • That damaged vehicles to the northwest of the proposed tent site be removed or surrounded by security fencing for safety purposes.

The company also requested to expand its drive-in movie theater from 50 cars to 200 and add another screen.

“Initially, the movie theater was an idea from some of our staff because earlier on in the COVID process drive-in movie theaters were allowed,” he said. “When we started doing that, then we started getting requests for larger events.”

Kryger said the drive-in was doing good business during weekend showings, so Greek Peak asked to increase the number of cars allowed and to install an additional screen for larger events.

Kryger said a conditional permit was issued to increase the number of cars and he’s waiting to get one for a second screen, initially an inflatable 24- by 40foot screen, then a permanent one.

“We think there may be more of that coming over the summer,” he said. “We’ve had some interest from churches and other groups to do events on the screen.”

Virgil Town Board member Jereme Stiles said he’s all for Greek Peak expanding.

“It’s good to see a business grow,” he said. “It helps the tax base, it helps them.”