October 28, 2021

Pool sales up at local vendors

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It’s hot. It’s humid. And if you want to take a cool, refreshing vacation in any of 31 other states, you’ll face a two week quarantine when you get home.

Maybe it’s time for a staycation. Maybe buy a pool for the backyard.

Wait your turn. It may be months.

“It’s been an astronomical year,” said Eddie Hayes, the territory manager for Cannon Pools and Spas in Cortlandville. “We’re already booking for next spring.”

In comparison to any other year, installations would be booked up to two to three weeks ahead of when purchased, he said. Now with the demand, that has been pushed back months.

Cannon Pools and Spas has already sold more pools this year than it typically does in the entire year, Hayes said. More than 100 pools of different types have been sold compared to 60 to 70 that are usually sold per year.

His thinking into what is driving pool sales up?

“Just a lot of people are home and can’t go anywhere and don’t want to be indoors the entire time,” he said. People are also spending the money they normally would on vacations on pools.

“Not being able to go out and do stuff kind of sucks but in a way nothing beats kicking back at home relaxing and just waiting this thing out,” said MacKenzie Pendel of Killawog, who was buying chlorine tablets for his above-ground pool at Cannon Pools and Spas.

Pendell and his family have been using their pool a lot more this year with other activities being closed or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

People worried about getting COVID-19 from a pool may be relieved to know that there is no evidence COVID-19 being spread in pool water, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC does recommend that people continue to follow safety guidelines like staying 6 feet apart and wiping frequently touched surfaces, like railings, when using a pool.

Along with pools, spa sales have also gone up, said MacKenzie Bates, manager for Tarson Pools and Spas in Cortland.

“The spas we have landing in September and October are already selling before they get here,” she said in an email, a fact she attributes to closed public pools.

She also said she thought the trend for pool and spa sales will continue for the next few years based upon the idea of having vacations at home.

With pool sales up, pool service businesses have also seen more work.

“A lot of people want to get stuff done and I can’t get to them all,” said Michael Grossi, the owner of Perfect Pool and Patio in Cortland.

Grossi and his two other employees have been flooded with calls for pool liner installation this year, more than he typically gets.

Grossi also is mostly booked until the end of the season — which runs until October or early November — and already has some booked installations for next spring.

To meet this demand, he hopes he can hire three more employees for next year.

“It’s time to grow, “ he said. “That’s for sure.”