November 27, 2021

Annual Route 90 garage sale draws crowds

Colin Spencer/staff reporter

Rob Mamoone starts the enginge of a 1949 Dodge Special De Luxe on Saturday during the Route 90 Garage Sale in Homer.

Except for people wearing masks, Saturday’s Route 90 Garage Sale in Homer could be mistaken for a large sale any other year.

The annual sale connected garage sales along the route from Montezuma to Homer and featured vendors selling all sorts of items and trinkets.

In Homer, people traveled from sale to sale down Cayuga Street in front of homes and businesses looking for deals.

Andrew Hotchkiss of Cortland and his girlfriend Kayli Carlisle of Homer were looking for houseware items for Carlisle’s new apartment.

“I don’t really own anything,” Carlisle said. “ It’s a good opportunity to get furniture.”

The couple had purchased a wooden box with a ring holder and were looking for lamps and dishware.

“She’s also looking for knick-knacks,” Hotchkiss said.

“Yes,” Carlisle replied laughing.

Despite the number of people traveling the street, Carlisle said people seem to be following social distancing guidelines and most people were wearing face coverings.

“I’m sure they are anxious to be out on this nice day,” said Sarah Swisher, a congregant of Homer First United Methodist Church, a cashier for the church’s sale.

Swisher said the items being sold were all donated to the church. Whatever wasn’t sold would be donated to the Salvation Army.

“It’s been very good,” she said. The biggest sale of the day so far was of three boxes of toy cars going for $40.

Gina Bincent of Syracuse wasn’t looking for anything in particular. Instead, she was “looking to see what good deals you can get,” she said.

Bincent had purchased a pair of earrings and some books for her grandchildren.

“I like it,” she said, noting it was her first time at the sale. “I think it’s really neat.”

Of all items being sold, one stood out in size, use and age: A 1949 Dodge Special Deluxe.

The car, which was being sold by Rob Mamoone, was assembled the first year the car was built in Canada instead of the United States and has the nickname “The Plodge” as it was built with a mixture of Dodge and Plymouth parts.

“It’s getting a lot of attention,” Mamoone said. “A lot of the older guys, it brings back memories.”

Mamoone said he bought the car only a few years ago, he was looking to sell it and buy a motorcycle as it would be more comfortable and more fun.

While no one had made any serious offers for the car, when the time came, Mamoone said he might have some hesitation going through with it.

“I might say no,” he said. “I might shed a tear. I haven’t decided yet but I figured we would see what happens.”