December 8, 2021

Crown City Little League stream: Angels vs. Orioles

The Cortland Standard will be live streaming select Crown City Little League games on YouTube. See the schedule for streams below, along with replays of past games.

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Games will air every Monday and Wednesday. If a game is rained out, a makeup broadcast will air later in the week.

The initial schedule has each of the five teams in the Majors division getting four broadcasts.

Here is the regular season schedule for streaming. All past streams are available on YouTube.
All games are at 6 p.m.
July 13: Rays vs. Pirates
July 15: Angels vs. Orioles
July 20: Rays vs. Mariners
July 22: Angels vs. Mariners
Today – July 27: Orioles vs. Angels
July 29: Pirates vs. Mariners
Aug. 3: Orioles vs. Pirates
Aug. 5: Rays vs. Angels
Aug. 10: Mariners vs. Pirates
Aug. 12: Orioles vs. Rays