October 23, 2021

Coronavirus briefs 8/26

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No new coronavirus cases reported in Cortland County

Cortland County reported no new confirmed COVID-19 cases Tuesday, the number of confirmed cases remaining at 92, although seven were reported in Cayuga County.

In all, 503 cases have been confirmed in Cayuga, Tompkins and Cortland counties and five people have died.

• The Cortland County Health Department was monitoring 130 patients, one confirmed positive. None were hospitalized, although six have been. The Cortland County Health Department has received 18,445 negative test results. Ninety-one people have recovered. The county has reported no deaths.

• Tompkins County reported one new case Monday, the number of confirmed cases rising to 245, according to the state Health Department. A total of 48,343 people were tested. Two people have died.

• In Cayuga County, the state Department of Health reported seven new cases Monday, the number of confirmed cases rising to 174. The state reports 26,079 people have been tested. Three people have died.

Cornell launches COVID-19 testing dashboard online

ITHACA — Cornell University is making COVID-19 testing data available on a new website that started Monday.

The COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard, available at https://covid. cornell.edu/testing/dashboard/, will be updated daily with information on the number of tests performed and the number of positive cases identified in the campus community.

The tracking dashboard includes Cornell’s COVID-19 Alert Level, a color-coded threat level system tied to four key metrics.

The lowest threat level is “green”; if any metric reaches a particular threshold, university leaders said, the level could be raised to “yellow,” “orange” or “red,” the last of which would prompt consideration of whether to deactivate the campus.

The five metrics that will determine Cornell’s COVID-19 alert level:
• Number of infections over the past seven days and cumulatively.
• Availability of quarantine and isolation space;.
• Local health system capacity.
• Spread of COVID in the greater Ithaca area.
• Supply inventory.

Students, faculty and staff on the Ithaca campus will undergo regular surveillance testing, starting Sept. 2.