December 5, 2021

Parking pitch on agenda

Kevin L. Smith/staff reporter

A car waits at a stop sign on Hubbard Street in Cortland in this August 2020 Cortland Standard file photo. Neighbors have petitioned the city to allow overnight parking on the street, on alternating nights and sides of the street, something that is not now allowed in the city.

Cortland’s Public Works and Public Safety Commission will meet Sept. 8 to consider recommending the city adopt overnight parking for Hubbard Street.

Thirty-five residents of the street signed a petition last month to ask the city to allow alternating-side overnight parking for the East Side neighborhood because the smaller driveways of an older neighborhood don’t accommodate today’s multi-vehicle households.

Alderman Troy Beckwith (D-7th Ward) said the council thinks it can work something out, whether it’s year-long overnight parking or seasonal — meaning no overnight parking in the winter.

“The residents of Hubbard Street are excited to hear that there will be more discussion on this matter,” said Adam Megivern, who coordinated the petition. “I hope it’s something that will address our concerns.”

The commission will most likely discuss snow removal, if overnight winter parking is a possibility, said Public Works Deputy Commissioner Nic Dovi.

“In my mind, parking on the street overnight in the winter is going to slow down snow removal,” he said. “We just don’t have the manpower to coordinate with an onstreet parking situation.”

“The pilot program will allow the city the ability to see how overnight parking is in the winter months as opposed to the other months,” Megivern said. “I think this will help the city make an informed decision on overnight parking.”

When the matter first came up in July, Tobin said he doesn’t think overnight parking would work because it couldn’t be consistently offered. Tobin said he still believes that is the case.

However, Megivern said that’s why the petition specifically requested a year-long pilot.

“We just want to see how Hubbard Street works as a case study for overnight parking,” Megivern said.