October 22, 2021

Cincy Saturday market supports area farmers

Colin Spencer/staff reporter

Paul Halstead, left, puts peppers into a bag Saturday for Ken Harvey, right, at Cincinnatus’ farmers market.

Ken Harvey of Cincinnatus quickly perused the produce Paul Halstead was selling before buying some bell and banana peppers at Cincinnatus’ farmers market.

For him, this was just another part of his Saturday routine.

“The people are friendly here and it’s nice to have something in a small town,” he said.

The market has been open each Saturday since Mother’s Day, said Halstead, who along with selling produce also manages the market.

Despite people potentially getting stir crazy from being inside so much during the coronavirus pandemic, Halstead said that it has been about an “average season” in terms of the number of people coming to the market.

He noted, too, that this year may be slower than last year as Cortland Chenango Rural Services Inc., which works with the market and shares the same parking on Lower Cincinnatus Road, has given away lots of fresh produce to families affected by the pandemic.

“If you get crates for nothing, why would you buy?” he said.

Shannon Ryan, who was selling different baked goods, said that while the season has had varying volume on different weeks, it’s overall been pretty good.

“We have higher days and lower days,” she said.

Anne Corey of Rochester said she tries to make a few trips to the market each season.

“It’s great,” she said. “There’s always something to buy. When I remember my money.”

Corey, who was staying at her cottage near Melody Lake in Willet, said that she came to buy potatoes.

“I could always go to the store to get potatoes but I like to support the local farmers and whatnot,” she said. And she likes to meet the people who grow her food.

And does Corey plan on coming back later in the season?

“Oh yes,” she said. “I need my pumpkins.”

The market is open from 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays and will run until the beginning or middle of October, Halstead said.