January 18, 2022

New asking price set for Pendleton Street property

Todd R. McAdam/managing editor

The city of Cortland has set a Sept. 30 deadline and a minimum $80,000 bid for this property on Pendleton Street, which it has owned for nine years. The neighboring property, Contento’s, a recycling and demolition company, had offered $60,000, a bid that was rejected in August.

The deadline is Sept. 30 to bid on a property at 119 1/2 Pendleton St. the city has owned for nine years, although a prior bidder on the property hasn’t decided yet whether to bid again.

The asking price for the property is $80,000, shows a request for proposals from Corporation Counsel Richard Van Donsel.

Van Donsel said a successful bid would require a 10% deposit, removal of the warehouse and fencing. The property would be used as office space and include landscaping.

No hazardous materials would be allowed to be stored there.

Mayor Brian Tobin said he was satisfied with the new process, but wouldn’t give details on the bids, if any. “It’s inappropriate for the city to comment on the bids or the quantity of the bids until the process is closed,” he said.

Contento’s, a demolition, hauling, material processing and recycling company, bid $60,000 for the property, which is next door, with a plan for a new office building. Vice President Anthony Contento said the company is undecided whether to submit another bid after its $60,000 offer — the only bid offered — was rejected Aug. 4 because it was below the $100,000 minimum.

“We’ll have to take some time to carefully think about if we’re going to put in a bid or not,” Contento said.

The minimum bid has reduced from $100,000 to $80,000 due to a lack of interest in the original asking price.

“We’re hoping to spark more interest in this new bid,” said Alderman Thomas Michales (R-8th Ward).

The 6.9-acre property in an industrial zone has a metal warehouse. It is bounded by railroad tracks to the east and the south, Pendleton Street to the west and residential properties to the north.