October 23, 2021

Dollar General planned for Super Scoops site

Getting frozen out

Kevin Conlon/city editor

Customers line up Monday, September 23 in the afternoon at Super Scoops on Route 281 in Homer. The village has received a proposal for a company to build a Dollar General store on the site.

Michael Malchak, the owner of Super Scoops in the village of Homer, must find another site to continue scooping ice cream to customers after learning Dollar General plans to build at the shop’s location.

“I rent the building, I have no control over it,” Malchak said Monday evening, noting his landlord wasn’t going to let him renew his lease.

Dollar General proposes a 9,100- square-foot store at 15 S. West St., according to documents provided to the village planning board.

However, the addition of a Dollar General could mean the end of Super Scoops. It depends on whether Malchak can find a new location, which he said isn’t going so well right now.

“It kind of stinks,” Malchak said. “It took me eight years to get where I am and now I have to start all over again.”

Malchak said his daughter asked for people to write letters to the village about the issue. The post got more than 80 comments on it. Village Clerk Dan Egnor said he’s received 42 letters on the topic.

The 1.9-acre property is listed on 2020 assessment rolls for $180,000.

Carrie Moss of Dryden frequents the ice cream parlor with her family, especially after they walk trails or do other activities in Cortland County.

“I’ve been going there for as long as they’ve been there,” she said. She said while she loves any type of “dollar” store, she doesn’t support one in the village.

“We have enough of the retail stores and to put something like that in the little village of Homer would be awful,” she said. “Why fix something that’s not broke?”

Mayor Darren “Hal” McCabe also said he didn’t think a Dollar General would be a good fit.

“Frankly, and I won’t speak for the rest of my board members, I am disappointed with the lack of willingness from the developer to adjust their project to reflect the nature of the village of Homer as opposed to figuring out how to wedge as large, and frankly as ugly, a store into that space as possible,” he said.

He also noted he and other board members have been receiving comments from residents who disapprove of the idea.

He said the developers should’ve taken a page out of Byrne Dairy’s playbook, which is building a gas station nearby at routes 281 and 90.

“Byrne went out of their way to meet with residents and to adjust the project to reduce impact on their homes,” Mc- Cabe said. “This current project feels more like it’s being forced on us, no matter how we feel about it here.”

The owner of the property is listed as GVN, Llc, according to county records. Vincent Patriarco of GVN said Tuesday he did not want to comment on what’s going on because “it’s a private business matter.”

Egnor said a public hearing on the proposed Dollar General will be 6:30 p.m. Oct. 14 before the planning board.

“The village is awaiting comment from County Planning to assist in the matter,” Egnor said. It meets the third Wednesday of the month, or net on Oct. 21. “So, no decision by our planning board will be made until at least those comments are sent to us.”