October 27, 2021

Cortland County: Amid virus spike, curb activities

coronavirus particles

Cortland County leaders asked residents to curtail their daily activities because of a recent spike in COVID19 cases.

“It’s those small parties, non-essential activities, unnecessary trips to the store, or just connecting with people you haven’t seen in a while that all create opportunities to pass the virus in our community,” said Legislature Chairman Paul Heider (R-Cuyler, Solon, Truxton) in a news release Monday night. “Let’s work together as a community to get a handle on this before more heavy-handed measures including closures are put upon us by Albany.”

Cortland County has seen 551 new cases of coronavirus since Aug. 21, and county figures show its infection rate over the past two weeks approaches 6.2% — 294 new cases among 4,765 tests.

However, state figures suggest the rate between Oct. 5 and Sunday is 2.1% — 193 positives among 9,006 tests.

County officials have not responded to requests for information on the discrepancy.

Stay home if you do not feel well, said interim Public Health Director Lisa Perfetti.

Limit trips to public spaces and if you do need to go out, wear a mask, stay socially distanced and wash your hands often.

While much of the 551-case spike since Aug. 21 has been attributed to SUNY Cortland students, the virus has gotten off campus, Perfetti said. Religious services, schools, family parties and small gatherings are all ways to spread it.

Perfetti suggested you prepare for having to isolate or quarantine:

  • Have a two-week supply of groceries, medications and cleaning supplies.
  • Identify someone who can get supplies if you need.
  • Be ready to tell contact tracers where you’ve been and who you’ve seen.
  • Make a plan with your employer in case you must isolate or quarantine.
  • Answer your phone should a contact-tracing team call.