October 23, 2021

More than a presidential race: Here’s what’s local

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Sure, you’ll see a presidential race on your ballot. You’ll see a Congressional race, too. And one for state Senate, and for Assembly.

Those aren’t the only races you’ll decide when you go to the polls — either through a mail-in ballot, through early voting that starts Saturday or on Election Day Nov. 3.

Here are some of the other races:

State Supreme Court, 6th Judicial District

Incumbent Justice Elizabeth A. Garry of Chenango County, who has the Democratic and Independence Party nominations, and Republican Brian D. Burns seek seats on the bench in the 6th Judicial District, a 10-county region that includes Cortland and Tompkins counties.

Garry was first elected in 2006, and was appointed to the Appellate Division’s Third Department in 2009 and named the presiding justice of that department in 2018.

Burns is Otsego County’s county, family and Surrogate Court judge.

He was first appointed to the bench in 1997, but lost election to a full term. However, he was elected to the seat in 2000 and 2010.

He has been an acting justice for the 6th Judicial District and supervising judge of town and village courts in the district since 2008.

State Supreme Court, 7th Judicial District

Seven candidates seek four seats on the bench of the 7th Judicial District of state Supreme Court, which includes Cayuga County.

  • Gino M. Nitti: Nitti, a Democrat has been a town judge for 12 years in Greece, Monroe County. He has also spend 12 years as a special assistant district attorney and spend six years as a deputy county attorney.
  • William T. Gargan: Gargan, a Democrat, is the domestic violence bureau chief for the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office. He has been with the DA’s office since 1998, including overseeing economic crime prosecution and county court cases.
  • Julie A. Cianca: Cianca, a Democrat and Working Families nominee, is a special assistant public defender in Monroe County. She has been a lawyer and supervisor of Monroe County’s Office of the Conflict Defender, an intern in the Monroe and Albany counties’ district attorneys offices, and a lawyer in private practice.
  • Stephen K. Lindley: Lindley, who has the nomination of the Democrats, Republicans, Conservative, Independence and Working Families parties, was elected to the 7th Judicial District in 2006 and has been a justice serving in the Appellate Division’s Fourth Department since 2010. Before that, he was an acting Monroe County Court judge, a Rochester City Court judge and a lawyer and confidential law clerk.
  • Dan Doyle: Doyle, who has the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Working Families nominations, was elected to the 7th Judicial District in 2006. He has been an assistant district attorney in Monroe County, a deputy Monroe County attorney, a commission of the state Board of Parole and a lawyer in private practice.
  • Sam L. Valleriani: Valleriani, who has the Republican, Conservative, Working Families and Independence party lines, was elected a Monroe County judge in 2016. He has also been an assistant public defender, Gates town justice Superior Court attorney and worked in private practice. He has been an acting Supreme Court Justice since 2018.
  • Vince Dinolfo: Dinolfo, who has the Republican, Conservative and Independence party lines, was elected to Monroe County Court in 2010 and named an acting Supreme Court justice. He oversees treatment courts and veterans court. He was an Irondequoit town justice. He was principal law clerk to Surrogate Court Judge Edmund Calvaruso, and an Erie County assistant district attorney.

Cortland County District Attorney

Patrick Perfetti is unopposed for a second four-year term as district attorney. Perfetti, who has the Republican, Conservative and Independence party lines, was first elected in 2016, defeating then-District Attorney Marc Suben.

Tompkins County District Attorney

Matthew Van Houten is unopposed for re-election to a four year term as district attorney. Van Houten, a Democrat, was first elected in 2016.

Tompkins County Judge

John C. Rowley is unopposed for a third 10-year term as a judge sitting on the benches of Tompkins County Court, Surrogate Court and Family Court. The Democrat was first elected in 2000.

Homer Village Board

Patrick M. Clune and Edward H. Finkbeiner, both with the Republican and Open Government nominations, are unopposed for re-election to five-year terms on the Homer Village Board.

Marathon Village Board

Heather G. Dann and Ralph Canfield, both with the Republican nomination, are unopposed for five-year terms on the Marathon Village Board.

McGraw Village Board

Tyler P. Stiles of the Conservative Spending Party and Margaret Whittington of the Voters Have Pull Party are uncontested for re-election to five-year seats on the McGraw Village Board.